Engineering at bitExpert AG

Our key to success is an experienced team who believes that the attribute „Made in Germany“ can be recognized in each line of code.

Job Openings at bitExpert AG

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Engineering-Driven

    We are a engineering-dominant team led by two technical founders.

    Out of our 26 employees, about 22 have an engineering background and 18 of those are our software developers. We are currently transitioning to autonomous teams to give engineering teams control over which projects to accept. Usually, engineers support project managers when it comes to feature planning, or when it comes to what we can sell to the client. This mostly depends on the team, the project, and the client we are working with. (Some clients are more open than others to our suggestions. ;)

    Besides that, both founders have a strong technical background. Stephan and Mathias are long-time friends who had a small company selling hardware and software to friends back in the mid-90's. They later went on to study software engineering at a university of applied sciences. During that time Stephan became very interested in the context of web development while Mathias was more focused on software generation techniques. They wanted to create a software generator for e-commerce applications, and bitExpert was born. These days bitExpert builds custom applications for our clients and helps bootstrapping products as well.

    With passion and expertise, we transform our clients' ideas into business value by using state-of-art technology. We use PHP, Java, Angular, and ExtJS developing web applications. Docker is currently playing a very big role in development as well in our production environments. Regarding databases we like to use PostgreSQL with all it's latest features (e.g. JSON support), but also use MongoDB and Redis.

  • Customer Comes First

    We are a service company.

    We build custom solutions for our clients. Thus, we need to understand their business and their pain points to build them a solution that will work for them. We work for a lot of smaller businesses or startups that are not yet widely known. Our bigger and more well-known clients are Bosch, Zurich, DA Direkt, SAP, and BASF.

    How we communicate with our clients depends mostly on how the project is organised. If the client is part of our scrum team, engineers will communicate directly with the client. In more "traditionally managed" projects, communication is mostly channeled via PMs. When it comes to scrum, we do our meetings with the client in either our office or in theirs. Mostly, we try to rotate so that the client is regular visiting our offices as well. That seems to help to build trust in us when the client can "see" us work.

    Since our marketing strategy is based on mouth to mouth propaganda, we make sure to deliver the best service to our clients.

  • High Employee Retention

    Most of our employees are with us for 6 years+.

    Given that bitExpert has been around for 14 years, this looks like a good sign. The challenging work as well as the team spirit seem to be the main drivers why employees stay with us. Usually we recruit students for part time work while they are studying, they will write their diploma theses with us and stay with us afterwards.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We have established a program that we call "Learn & Grow".

    Every employee gets 12 days per year for personal development. Software developers, for example, can work our open-source toolings, internal toolings, or come up with their own ideas on what to work on. In addition to that, everyone is provide with a budget for visiting conferences and workshops. For the last 10 years, we have hosted an internal company conference once a year and since about 4 years we also host a public version called the unKonf, an unconference for web- and software development in our office in Mannheim.

  • Engages with Community

    Our team regularly visits conferences, meetups, and other local events, sometimes also virtual events.

    We try to engage with the community on to see where the development of the tools and frameworks we use will lead to, and also to exchange ideas with others. Conferences include the PHPBenelux Conference, Dutch PHP Conference, ConFoo and ZendCon. We also have a local PHP User Group in Mannheim that we support and sometimes host in our own offices. Organizing and hosting unKonf allows us to interact with, support, and help build up our community.

    Last year, Stephan presented a session on NomadPHP, which is a virtual user group for developers that does not have a local user group in their area, as well as with NomadMage, a similar version but for the Magento Community. We have traveled to different user groups and conferences to demo our open source contributions as well as connect with the local communities.

  • Open Source Contributor

    We are active members of the open source community!

    All of our own open-source projects can be found on GitHub. In the past, we have contributed to PhpUnit, Phing, and Composer. Two important projects are Disco (a Dependency Injection Container for PHP, mostly driven forward by Stephan Hochdörfer) and Force Login (a module for Magento, developed by Florian Horn and Philipp Sander). Since we heavily rely on open-source components for our work, this is our way of giving back to the community. We enjoy sharing our new ideas and believe that our contributions will help grow the community as a whole.

  • Creative + Innovative

    We try to be creative when it comes to finding technical solutions to our clients’ problems.

    We enjoy figuring out how to implement a good UI so that the client is able to work as efficiently as possible, and deciding which technologies to combine and how to do so. For the last 8 years, we have developed (and still maintain) a product database for the automotive branch of Bosch. The application is used worldwide by 20K users on a daily basis, which makes it one of the top 5 most used applications within Bosch. The heart of the application is a pretty complex workflow management process that is also hooked in a few other applications of Bosch, which made the whole project quite challenging. We love facing complex problems and pushing ourselves to develop creative solutions.

  • Uses Agile Methodologies

    Project teams usually decide on their own which development and management strategies they want to use for their current project.

    This also depends a bit on the customer. In some projects, the customer is part of the scrum team, in some projects we use agile processes internally, but do not expose them to the client. We have never followed scrum or kanban practices by the book, but mostly adapted those ideas to match our needs (and company size).


  • Engineering-Driven
  • Customer Comes First
  • High Employee Retention
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Engages with Community
  • Open Source Contributor
  • Creative + Innovative
  • Uses Agile Methodologies

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 1 Designer
  • 2 Infrastructure Developers
  • 4 Project Managers
  • 18 Software Developers
  • 1 Team Assistant

Vacation Policy

We offer 28 vacations days.

Tech Stack

PHP, Java HTML5 / CSS3, Angular, ExtJS, PostgreSQL, Docker

Interview Process

You will meet with Stephan and Mathias (both bitExpert founders) as well with one of our team leads. We will talk about your recent roles and projects, your work preferences, as well the position we are offering.