Engineering Team at BombBomb

BombBomb is a complete email marketing platform in which users can make, send, and track the results of both traditional emails and video emails. Connecting people in a more meaningful way is not just what BombBomb’s software delivers, it’s also what drives our team every day. Through simple, personal video, we aim to rehumanize communication.

Job Openings at BombBomb

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Product-Driven

    We are committed to rehumanizing communication, and maintain a direct line of communication to our customers.

    Being a self-funded company is a double-edged sword. It is amazing that we’ve been able to grow to our size without VC funding (it’s rare in tech) and it allows us to build our company and product in the way we find to be best, as opposed to being told what to do by an outside firm that has other priorities. Unlike most VC-funded startups, our growth depends entirely on our ability to deliver to our customers. As a result, we frequently conduct customer feedback interviews and rely on the feedback our Customer Success team gathers to shape our product roadmap and prioritize stories at the beginning of each sprint.

    We also take advantage of the fact that we dogfood our own product. We use BombBomb every day: we use it to communicate within our own company; our Sales and Customer Success teams use it to communicate with customers; and our recruiting team uses it with candidates. Using our own product for multiple use cases often helps us identify pain points that we can then surface to our Product team.

    In 2019, we went from three to six PMs in order to focus even more on serving our users. We have split a robust application into more manageable product lines, placed a greater emphasis on data and testing, and also hired a dedicated analyst to support our Product teams.

    BombBomb is a product that we all personally love and are passionate about sharing, so much so that we published a book about it. Rehumanize Your Business is a guide to help businesses leverage personal videos to accelerate sales and improve customer experience. If you want to learn more about BombBomb's product, who we are, or how to join us, check out the video below and browse our open roles!

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We have a strong track record of hiring engineers who find growth in their career here.

    During our interview process, we do our best to assess where someone's skills currently are, but more importantly, where we think they can go (aka aptitude). By aligning someone’s interests with the needs of the business, our engineers often work on things that are new to them and learn along the way.

    We have annual professional development stipends, which folks can use to attend conferences or pursue further education in any topic of interest. We also have both organic mentorship and a formalized interdepartmental mentorship program that we started at the end of 2019. Research informs us that organic mentorships are for “people who remind me of myself” and can be inherently exclusive. Furthermore, approaching someone to ask for mentorship can be daunting for someone new in their career, so this program also helps overcome such fears. Our mentorship program is opt-in only and pairs our leaders with mentees to try to align both interests and different business units. We look forward to iterating on our program throughout our initial cohorts.

    Finally, our engineers have ample opportunity to teach and learn from one another beyond any mentorship relationship. We have ~35 engineers who are split into smaller product-aligned teams (i.e. mobile, integrations, web app). Each team has a dedicated product manager, works directly with designers, and has high accountability, ownership, and visibility.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    Flexibility is one of our company’s core values, and something we highly value due to the fast-paced and dynamic working environment we’ve created.

    Our standard work hours are between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Given that we have remote team members, we are flexible about where you work, so long as you can still participate in daily standups, meetings, and can collaborate effectively with our in-office team members.

    Everyone at BombBomb is asked to stretch themselves, take on new challenges, and pivot into new projects when our business demands it. (This can be frustrating at times for those who get emotionally attached to their work, which is why we look for folks who are comfortable with ambiguity.) Our ability to adapt quickly is what sets us apart in our market, so we are constantly optimizing our working styles and approach so that everyone on our team can have the autonomy and freedom they need to be most productive.

    Most of our team works out of our headquarters in Colorado Springs (where we just got some of the best office space in the whole city for our product and engineering teams!), and we have a small team working out of a WeWork in Denver.

  • Work/Life Balance

    We are a 40-hours per week company.

    There’s no need to read between the lines: a full work week is 40 hours at BombBomb and nothing more. If someone really wants to work beyond that, we won’t discourage you, but there is absolutely no unspoken expectation to do so. Due to the high amount of ownership we have, any outages that take place will require your attention whether they happen during the weekend or late at night. That said, we do our best to prevent these from taking place at all. We have over 60,000 active customers who have recorded over 8 million videos on BombBomb, and we want to deliver a reliable product.

    Overall, we are very flexible about when, where, and how much you work so long as the work is getting done. For example, some team members have opted to trade a Tuesday for a Saturday from time to time in order to get out skiing while others are working. Our engineering philosophy is that you know when you’re your best, and we trust you to tap into that for your work. If you need to be moving kids around, or keeping an eye on them due to some circumstance, do that, because otherwise you’re going to be distracted and off-kilter.

    We’d also like to think that we balance work and life well as a company, too. We have monthly company-provided lunch (the first Friday of each month) and at the end of every week, we have BombBomb Friday from 4pm to 5pm. We also play bingo once a month (our Valentine’s Day bingo is pictured below) and everyone is always welcome to invite their significant others and friends as well!

  • Heavily Team Oriented

    All of our product teams are formed around a ‘triad’: a PM, lead engineer, and designer.

    We follow the Inspired model from Marty Cagan to create cross-functional teams centered around specific business objectives. Every triad has at least three people (and their supporting casts behind them) and all stakeholders are equally valued and included from ideation to product maintenance. By having these three perspectives represented across all stages of the product life cycle, we’re able to build better products, faster. We also place an emphasis on testing and failing quickly, which enables us to move through multiple iterations with speed: once we find something that works and verify it by data (we A/B test, do small rollouts to subsets of users, and use Pendo to track events), we build it to scale.

    Our triad model is wonderful because it also guarantees a tremendous amount of exposure to every team member: product managers understand technical challenges, engineers learn design processes, and designers can watch how user needs translate during problem solving.

  • Safe Environment to Fail

    Failure is baked into our iterative software development process, and we’ve become much better at failing quickly, and iterating often.

    Failure is inevitable and it can easily be intimidating. We believe it’s important to intentionally work through that fear by experiencing failure, talking about it, and then reinforcing practices that can limit failure’s impact, or, even better, leverage its teachings. Servers crash, ideas don’t pan out, timelines slip; the trick is to anticipate, manage, and mitigate risk to a degree that enables you to thrive without being frozen.

  • Engages with Community

    We are active members in our local communities in Colorado Springs.

    Our CTO, Patrick, runs the local JavaScript meetup in Colorado Springs, where they discuss and engage in all things Web Dev once a month. Our engineers are encouraged to attend any conference they’re interested in, too. These are great opportunities to learn and share best practices with our greater community, and to network with our peers.

    BombBomb also has a dedicated philanthropy twist. We have strong partnerships with local organizations like Mary's Home and Springs Rescue Mission (both of which focus on rehumanizing those who have been dehumanized in our community) and we offer 2 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) every quarter. Every year, we participate in big events like helping Mary’s Home build a garden or participating in “trunk or treat” for their kiddos.

  • Continuous Delivery

    We’ve leveraged continuous integration and delivery practices since 2012!

    All of our engineering teams and codebases enjoy automated testing suites and delivery pipelines to development, staging, and production environments. Automated testing tools range from Selenium for end-to-end testing of branches and features to unit testing of algorithms and particular coding strategies. We ship early and often, and make thorough use of feature flags, beta groups, and customer interviews on newly released software. Product managers and their teams will then gather both survey and interview feedback from beta experiences to further refine experiences prior to general release.


  • Product-Driven
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Heavily Team Oriented
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Engages with Community
  • Continuous Delivery

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 7 Design
  • 20 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 12 Other tech staff
  • 6 Product Managers
  • 7 QA

Vacation Policy

We have a flexible PTO program that is no longer tied to a PTO accrual bank. You still need to get approval for any time you take off, but everyone is given full autonomy over their work and time.

Tech Stack

Core App (2010+): PHP7.1, Apache, ReactJS, AWS EC2, RDS, SQS, Redis. Services (2015+): NodeJS, Golang, DynamoDB, Redis, Lambda, Docker. Clients: Electron, C#, Swift 4, Kotlin, Java. Analytics and Prediction: AWS Aurora, Athena, Hadoop, SKLearn. APIs: Webhooks, OpenAPI, SDK Generation, CI: Github, Jenkins, TeamCity, TravisCI, Serverless. Video Pipeline: Unique realtime clustered encoding, WebRTC, CloudFront. Delivery: PowerMTA, Twilio. Backoffice: Chargify, NetSuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot.

Interview Process

We start with a non-technical phone interview, and then generally there is a technical screen by a hiring manager. We finish with a more standard in-person interview involving technical challenges as well as fit assessment.