Engineering Team at Branch

Branch provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels. The introduction of mobile has divided today’s businesses, causing inaccurate attribution and links that don’t work, leading to wasted marketing spend and broken customer journeys. Branch fixes that by providing a holistic view of various user touch points and ensuring that links take the user to the right place on the site or app.

Job Openings at Branch

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Engineering-Driven

    From the top down, we are a company of engineers who love building things.

    Branch was founded by four engineers who set out to solve a difficult engineering problem - how to make linking into a native mobile app as easy as linking into web content. Over the last two years we have seen exponential growth and our platform now receives over 6 billion api requests every single day! While we are no longer 100% engineering and have hired an amazing sales team to continue this growth, we have an extremely high technical bar for everyone at the company.

    Along with an engineering mindset, also ingrained in our culture is our data driven decision making. Most decisions across the company - whether product, sales, engineering is driven around data... We regularly do build-an-app hackathons, where everyone at the company builds an iOS or Android app and integrates our SDK. Check out our testbed app Branch Monster Factory came out of one of these hackathons. Our product is built with app developers in mind and as a result, engineers are making vital product decisions and designing the future of mobile app discovery.

  • High Quality Code Base

    Maintainable code is the primary thing we look for during code reviews and it’s something we consider at every step of the process from design to implementation.

    We trust that every engineer at Branch not only has the ability to solve difficult problems, but can also do so while making it easy for the next person to understand how the code works. We have regular team meetings to talk about code design, share what’s working, and figure out how we can improve. What comes out of these are the side projects that are worked on in between project sprints and when there is downtime - things like adding type checking to our JavaScript code, building a component gallery, refactoring old code to be more maintainable, trying out new libraries, or literally anything you want to try that might benefit the team. We are constantly improving our processes to make sure we ship great products and great code.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Everyone on our team thinks of Branch as their company.

    We’re not building this alone, and the only way we’ll succeed in our mission is if we all maintain a sense of ownership over everything we do. Micro-management doesn’t exist at Branch - everyone is empowered to make things happen.

  • Work/Life Balance

    We work extremely hard while we are at the office, then go home.

    Our engineers come from different walks of life, with very diverse backgrounds and are at different stages of their lives and careers. We realize that our team has a life outside of work, they have families, children, pets, elders and themselves to care for. Our engineers come and go at different times, some arrive at 8 and leave at 5, some arrive at 10 and leave at 7. It’s hard to get exact data on this because nobody is keeping track. At the same time, we also believe that building amazing products requires in-person interaction and collaboration and which is why we encourage presence in office during our core hours from 10am-4pm.

    As a company, we are building something amazing and now is not the time to slow down, but we also understand that changing an industry doesn’t require everyone to give up life outside of work. We are engineers with lives outside of work and we encourage people to spend time with their family, pursue hobbies, and enjoy life. We work hard, but we play harder! Branch helps out with the balance by hosting yoga, meditation, sports leagues, happy hours, team offsites, and lunches.

  • Customer Comes First

    Our customers love us! And it’s because we do everything with the customer in mind and we don’t make assumptions about what they want.

    Our customers range from marketers to product managers to app developers, who want to create powerful customer experiences using deep linking and understand and leverage its value using attribution -- and we make this extremely easy. Check out some case studies on how some of the largest mobile app developers like AirBnb and Instacart are using Branch. By having such great relationships with our customers, we have access to an incredible amount of direct feedback to help guide our product and engineering decisions. Our goal as a company is to help our customers grow their apps and we take that into account in every decision we make.

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    We’re building on a constantly shifting foundation (iOS/Android) in the fastest moving industry on the planet, and we owe most of our success to the speed at which we operate.

    The reason we have been so successful in taking over the deep linking industry is our ability to ship quickly and beat our competitors to market. We eliminate bureaucracy and empower our engineers to make impactful decisions and make mistakes along the way. Everyone who joins is shocked by how quickly we launch products and how quickly we move. We have launched four enterprise quality products within the last year and a half. We don’t always nail it the first time though, we’ve also built other products that didn’t quite work out - we learned something and moved on.

  • Team is Diverse

    At Branch we take a holistic approach when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

    Diversity is more than any one gender, race, or ethnicity. We're dedicated to building an organization that is representative of all people, all backgrounds, and all perspectives because we believe the best ideas come from a diverse way of looking at technology and the world. At the heart of diversity is inclusion - We want every single person at the company to feel like they can be themselves at work and we celebrate our differences. We celebrate festivals from Diwali to Christmas. We encourage working parents, single parents, people with different races and sexual orientations -- We even have a Mothers Room!

    Among other things, we are cultivating diverse leadership and talent by focusing our recruiting efforts on bringing in diverse candidates - this means sourcing through diverse channels and building relationships with companies like Hackbright where we host quarterly whiteboard sessions with new grads. We know that creating an inclusive and diverse culture takes commitment, and we are committed to making this happen through action.

  • Open Communication

    Good teams don’t keep secrets.

    We practice a culture of radical transparency in everything we do, from giving people honest feedback when we think they can do better to over-communicating updates and information. Our founders have made it an important part of our culture that everything should be completely transparent both internally and externally. We have bi-weekly all hands meetings to get an overview on the status of the company and get to ask any questions, open or anonymous, to our founders, and they never shy away from difficult or uncomfortable questions.

    We also have monthly round tables with the founders where a group of 5-10 employees have lunch with a founder and provide feedback that gets addressed and implemented. As employees, we are never in the dark on how the company is doing - board slides are sent out to everyone in the company before all board meetings. Messaging in open channels is encouraged over 1:1 communication when appropriate and documentation is a vital part of every project we work on as an engineering org.

    Open communication goes for our external relationships as well - we open source all of our SDKs and make sure our partners are aware of things when they come up, especially when it’s bad news that may affect them. Open communication builds trust and without that we wouldn’t be where we are. It’s led to an environment with no office politics where people are aware of the direction the company is heading.


  • Engineering-Driven
  • High Quality Code Base
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Customer Comes First
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Team is Diverse
  • Open Communication

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 12 Data Engineers
  • 28 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 11 Integration Engineers
  • 6 Product Managers
  • 4 QA Engineers

Vacation Policy


Tech Stack

React, Redux, Node, Java, Postgres, AWS

Interview Process

Before coming on-site you have a call with someone from our recruiting team followed by a 45 minute technical screen with an engineer done over the phone using coderpad. Our on-site interview is about four hours long and consists of five 45 minute interviews, three of which are technical.

We structure our technical interviews to reflect the types of technical problems you will likely solve as an engineer at Branch. We are interested to see a good grasp of the fundamentals, implementation and how you reason about unfamiliar problems — don’t worry if you don’t come up with the perfect solution, it’s more about the journey than the destination. During your interview, you will meet a cross-section of engineers and product managers so you get a good feel for what it would be like to work at Branch.