Engineering Team at Braze

Braze (formerly Appboy) is a lifecycle engagement platform that forms strong bonds between people and the brands they love. We empower brands to humanize their connections with customers through technology, resulting in better experiences and increased retention, lifetime value, and ROI. Their teams use Braze to deliver highly personalized messaging experiences that span across channels, platforms, and devices.

Job Openings at Braze

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Rapidly Growing Team

    In four years, we’ve grown from a tight knit team of eight engineers to over forty.

    Our product and business have grown by an order of magnitude over the same time period. That growth has left its mark on our culture - Braze is an exciting place to work where you’ll see real growth and work on the hard scaling problems that come with that.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We care deeply about the personal growth and development of our teams.

    Our senior team members pair with junior team members every day on projects, design docs, and code review. As an organization, we also back that up by:

    • running hack days multiple times a year (people can work on whatever they want at these, and have created apps, entire websites, and currently-in-production features)
    • sponsoring trips (people have recently gone to WWDC, Google I/O, Grace Hopper for example)
    • organizing speaking engagements at conferences for our engineers (e.g. a member of our team talked about our use of Redis to instrument geofencing at RedisConf)

    We also support a tuition reimbursement program where employees are eligible for a tuition reimbursement benefit (up to a few thousand dollars per year) towards educational courses in a field that relates to their current position at Braze.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Braze is at the forefront of using new technologies to meet customer needs.

    We are currently building a real-time data processing infrastructure using Kafka. Our push sending infrastructure is instrumented through Go microservices. Our mobile SDK team includes support for the latest mobile frameworks, such as React Native.

    We’re operating at a scale where we need to mix established software with state-of-the-art technologies to support our product (e.g. our API processes billions of data points per day from hundreds of millions of devices).

  • Wears Many Hats

    Developers at Braze are expected to grow their skills across all areas.

    On any given day, along with writing code, you may write documentation, provide support for our product, interview new developers, QA a new feature, write product specs, lead a meeting, have a 1:1 with your manager, or present your work to the team. We mix specialists and generalists, but neither is a company value (and the split emerges organically from business needs and scaling). What we do and work on depends on the business needs.

  • Creative + Innovative

    Braze humanizes brands.

    The hard problem of personalized engagement across hundreds of millions of users can only be solved through creative, innovative solutions. Our product orchestrates rich analytics, segmentation (creating actionable subsets of users), and engagement (across multiple platforms, e.g. push, in-app messages, email, webhooks) to deliver experiences to hundreds of millions of users.

    In the past year, our platform has been used to send welcome messaging based off of geofence boundary crossing, rich push notifications delivering real time election notifications, and personalized music recommendations delivered through in-app messages.

  • Eats Lunch Together

    Everyday we provide breakfast items, a catered family-style lunch which bring our teams together during the day, and dinners for late nights in the office.

    Lunch, in particular, is a great opportunity to meet people from across our organization, exchange ideas, and have great conversations. We believe that Braze’s culture is more inclusive and interesting because we do this.

    If you get hungry between meals (and who doesn’t?), we stock a variety of snacks from chips, cookies, applesauce, seaweed, fresh fruit, beef jerky, etc. If you don’t see your favorite snack, let us know and we’ll make it happen!

  • Impressive Team Members

    Our team at Braze draws experience from top tech companies as well as a diverse set of startups and other industries.

    Team members can be found doing things like building a system that handles messaging hundreds of millions of users or building SDKs that deploy to hundreds of millions of devices. Our team is composed of former members of technical staff at Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bridgewater Associates, and other leading technology companies. We also have team members maintaining successful paid apps as side projects, volunteering with local code education nonprofits, taking Braze-subsidized courses at NYU, and contributing to open source libraries.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Developers at Braze own the product lifecycle end-to-end.

    We collaborate with product, success, and design during the design, implementation, and go-to-market phases of projects. Engineers are encouraged to work across boundaries and find places to have impact. Many aspects of our product have been brought from idea to execution and release by engineers. As our product continues to advance it’s intelligence and scale it’s increasingly critical that engineers are key stakeholders at the ideation stage of our product.


  • Rapidly Growing Team
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Wears Many Hats
  • Creative + Innovative
  • Eats Lunch Together
  • Impressive Team Members
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 30 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 5 Product Managers

Vacation Policy

Our vacation policy is flexible - there’s no set limit and we encourage individuals to take the time needed to have a good work/life balance.

Tech Stack

While we use a variety of cutting edge web and mobile technologies at Braze, we're constantly evaluating new tools and encourage everybody to identify the right tool for the job. Additionally, we care little about the language-specific knowledge that you have walking through the door - we're much more interested in finding talented team members who are quick learners with excellent software fundamentals.

We build SDKs for Java/Android, Objective-C/iOS, and Javascript/Web. We also build wrapper SDKs for Unity, Xamarin, Cordova, Segment, and React Native. We support sending push notifications to Kindle devices and to Android devices via Baidu.

Our dashboard is a Ruby on Rails web application built on top of Redis and MongoDB. We have a data streaming infrastructure built on Kafka. On the frontend, we use a combination of React, Knockout, ES6, and Coffeescript.

Interview Process

Our interviews are language-agnostic. Our interview process consists of a remote coding interview in an online coding environment (CoderPad).