Engineering at Brex

Brex is reimagining financial systems so every growing company can realize their full potential. We’re building a unified experience so that your software and services can be in one place. Our international team is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and believes your potential should only be limited by how big you can dream.

Job Openings at Brex

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We provide and support evolving career paths.

    As your career evolves with Brex, you will likely take on a variety of roles and responsibilities. You’ll have the opportunity to work with multiple teams, on multiple projects, perhaps in very different domains or in smaller areas of specialty. While the company at large is committed to the personal growth of all its employees, you’ll also be encouraged by your peers. Everyone at Brex should have a way to grow their careers and expand the impact of their work no matter what role they play. Essentially, there is no “right” way to define your career at Brex, and Thomas Fisher is a great example. He defined what success looked like for him and even open-sourced his career growth template. as we have infinite paths you can take. In one of many other examples, Annie Shin started as a Senior Software Engineer at Brex, transitioned to Technical Lead Manager, and then became an Engineering Manager all within her first 11 months. As she says, “there are so many amazing female leaders and managers here at Brex to learn from” and the company’s growth ensures that you will never run out of opportunities to grow with it.

    When you join Brex, you will have the resources and tools you need to grow your career in whatever way suits you best. Here are just some of the ways in which we support growth at Brex:

    • Brex Career Paths: Growing your career at Brex begins with knowing your current role, identifying where you want to go, and defining what success looks like for you whether that’s transitioning into another role, acquiring a new skill, or contributing to a specific type of work. From here, employees chart a path of where they currently are and how they are going to reach their desired outcome. Sometimes this includes the expert track, people management, or something in between. For instance, Moraya Cleary spoke up early on about her passion to move in a more analytical direction with her career. While she was initially hired in a non-technical, non-eng role, both her manager at the time and other stakeholders supported her. As Moraya says, “While the team could have started hiring data scientists significantly my senior with ease, and pass up the significant commitment to an internal transfer, engineering leadership took a shot on me. I was given the space to drink through the fire hose and transition to a role as a data scientist.”
    • Coaching & Mentoring: We provide hands-on experiences via pods or 1-on-1 mentoring focused on employee success, community, diversity & inclusion, and career progression.
    • Learning Experiences: Get monthly learning stipends to spend on courses/books, conference ticket expense coverage, and LinkedIn learning! We also host company-wide design review sessions, engineering open houses, and paper readings, which can truly add another dimension to your technical growth. Each option allows you to absorb far more than you would in your day-to-day work.
    • Self-Assessments: We lean on introspection to help us grow. Employees have ample resources and tools that help them take charge of their own professional development to build a stronger sense of self-awareness and team connection.
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    We empower engineers to take full control of their work end-to-end. We trust you to build what is necessary and support you throughout the way.

    When we first launched Brex Cash, every single check that a customer uploaded took our Ops Teams four minutes to review. Multiplied by Brex’s scale, this wasn’t sustainable...

    David Medina, an engineer on our Cash Team (and now a senior software engineer), took the lead on creating an automated way to process checks. He first shadowed our Ops Teams to understand their current workflow, then investigated multiple potential OCR technologies, prototyping them with a simple Python script to test accuracy. Once he chose one, he led a small team to build a production-ready, scalable automated checks processing system. The result? Check processing time was reduced by 88%. There are countless examples of this type of start-to-finish ownership at Brex. Everyone has the opportunity to really own and have an impact on the work they are doing.

    Ownership extends to the team-level, too. We embrace the DevOps philosophy within engineering: each team fully owns their service, from bootstrapping to maintaining and operating. Teams are responsible for ensuring their services perform at the level expected by our customers, and have on-call rotations to address potential incidents.

  • Impressive Team Members

    Employees tend to hide their side projects and entrepreneurial aspirations from their employer. Not at Brex.

    A sizable portion of Brex’s employees are former founders and seasoned executives. We are incredibly proud to attract and support individuals who have ambitions beyond “just having a job.” No matter what your future career goals are, we do our best to support you in developing the skills you want and giving you the opportunities you need to progress. Not only have many of our current team members started companies in the past, but many go on to start companies together after their time at Brex. For example, Lydia Han went on to start ModernLoop after her experience as a PM at Brex. Similarly, Abiel Gutierrez left to start his own company, Comun, which is building a bank for Latino households in the U.S. Your colleagues are YC alums, experienced fintech executives, and future founders – this may very well be where you find your co-founders. In fact, Gwen Brinsmead joined a startup founded by two former Brex employees as head of design and part of the founding team. Both current and former Brexers invest in these companies as well!

    We are most impressed by the diversity amongst our colleagues. We believe the best people come from all backgrounds and locations. We are a remote-first company that hires across time zones and countries (Canada, USA, Brazil, and Israel currently) making sure we optimize for skill and talent instead of location. As Diana Poon, a senior engineering manager says, “When assessing talent during interviews, we don’t look through colored lenses. There are people on my team with non-traditional backgrounds who are contributing just as much as those who went to prestigious schools, and it’s the strongest EPD team I’ve ever worked with.” Whether it’s via employee resource groups (ERGs), the mentorship program, or your day-to-day work, you’ll be exposed to so many kind and talented people who are always willing to share their expertise, lend technical help, or just act as a sounding board.

    Many of us have fun, diverse passions outside of the office, too, such as coaching hockey and teaching high schoolers how to code. And a huge percentage of the company (including our founders!) is working in a country they didn’t grow up in! As a result, we put a strong emphasis on immigration support. In addition to sponsoring visas, we’re also planning partnerships with organizations focused on DEI such as Latinas in Tech and Women in Tech.

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    Brex was founded in 2017, and in four years, grew into a company spanning four countries with over 1,000 employees.

    During this time, we’ve grown from being a single corporate credit card product for startups to providing fully fledged card and cash management products with robust spend management features to customers across multiple industries. Many of our core financial products are complex and require time to get right, but that doesn’t stop us from moving fast.

    Even as a (much) larger organization, we continue to innovate and innovate quickly. One of the best examples is Brexploration, a program that allows existing team members to devote an entire quarter to building a loved product as “founders.” Teams apply to the program and then spend three months working like early entrepreneurs and skipping existing company processes. Successful projects are then transitioned back to operating like a scaling product. Many of our most customer-loved products and features came from Brexploration, like Expense Management and Bill Pay.

    Engineering at Brex also focuses on enabling Product Teams to execute as quickly as possible. Our Infrastructure Empowerment team, for instance, builds our infrastructure on top of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and best practices (Kubernetes, GitOps, Istio, etc.). We have adopted a microservices-oriented architecture, and are continuously releasing new software which enables fast iteration of our product.

  • Cross-Department Collaboration

    We operate as One Brex and not in silo.

    Regardless of what team you join, you will work with different stakeholders across the company and gain a lot of exposure to all aspects of Brex’s business. Today, most of our major initiatives involve cross-functional work across multiple departments. We attribute the bulk of our company’s success to this approach of cross-departmental collaboration. Specifically, early collaboration across teams ranging from engineering, design, and product to finance, legal, and operations has allowed us to understand and build very complex financial products.

    As an engineer at Brex, you will never be silo-ed or feel like you are on an island of your own. Another way we promote “cross-pollination” of ideas and perspectives is by hosting an annual company-wide hackathon to unleash everyone’s creative spirits. Different teams and functions come together to hack on projects ranging from designing brand new merchant icons to launching Brex Rewind – a retrospective video surfacing how our customers grew amidst all the challenges they encountered during the pandemic! Hackathons are always fun bonding experiences at Brex, and also productive!

  • Customer Comes First

    Customer Focus isn’t just a theme at Brex, it’s one of our core values that plays an important role in every decision we make.

    We obsess over the details to ensure that the intricacies of our system are hidden behind a simple yet lovable user experience. When we built our application process, we wanted to make sure our customers could get a cash account and line of credit online in minutes, not hours or days. Our engineers partnered closely with our design and product teams to create a streamlined process that gets customers the financial tools they need to run their business with the minimal amount of time and effort.

    Our leadership closely monitors feedback from our customers, which in turn drives our teams’ roadmaps. We truly believe the only way we can create an amazing financial operating system is to listen to our customers. So we do.

    Brex customers range from large tech unicorns such as Airbnb and Scale AI, through top e-commerce companies such as Untuckit and Hims to life science and medical startups that are making people’s lives better every day. If you’re excited about helping these organizations grow and have an impact on the world, we want to hear from you!

  • Continuous Feedback

    To be better, you must have a growth mindset and the humility and openness to learn from others.

    We view feedback as a gift. It allows us to both collectively and individually become better, and it is the foundation for how we continually grow. At a company level, we run quarterly pulse surveys to measure the overall engagement and health of our business and teams. From there, leadership takes measurable actions to improve the employee experience whether it’s around work-life balance, diversity & inclusion, or needing additional resources to be more productive.

    At the team level, we do regular feedback check-ins which include 360 feedback. This feedback is used to help employees understand their strengths and identify opportunities, both of which are then incorporated into their growth plans. These plans are a collaborative effort between you and your manager.

    Less formally, feedback is frequently requested at various team meetings and 1-on-1’s led by each level of the management chain. We can better understand how employees are feeling about their work and gauge the overall happiness of our teams by frequently soliciting feedback. Healthy teams are important to the success of the company and the insights our employees provide is invaluable!

    Every week, we also have an incident review session where teams share postmortems from issues affecting the company (e.g. product downtime). Engineers from across the company are invited to join and share in the learnings. It serves as a great way to understand the intricacies of our technology stack and where our systems are being pushed to their limits. In these sessions, an emphasis is placed on being blameless and we focus on the process changes needed to improve in the future.

  • Open Communication

    We believe transparency is the key to our moving in the same direction together.

    Brex has a transparent written culture (or memo culture), which makes it easy to learn about various parts of the business at any time. We document everything – company-wide strategy, OKRs, key metrics – in Google docs and share them internally. We’re even transparent about our compensation structure and encourage interested applicants to understand our approach before deciding to apply.

    Once you join Brex, you’ll see that communication styles vary across teams. We give individual teams a lot of flexibility to determine what communication style works best for them and the individuals who compose the team. While we had always planned on becoming a remote-first and international company, COVID-19 helped push that agenda. We will continue to be remote-first post-COVID and improve our communication culture to accommodate our growing company.

    Today, two of our favorite communication practices include our regular Q&A’s with the leadership team (where you can ask about anything you may want to learn more about) and weekly emails from our founders. Each week, our founders send an email to the entire company about major updates, decisions, and the why behind them. Here are two great examples from Pedro (founder and co-CEO) around why a growth mindset is so important to him and how to increase the quality of our decisions. Let us know what you think!


  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Impressive Team Members
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Customer Comes First
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Open Communication

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 50 Data Scientists
  • 40 Designers
  • 350 Engineers
  • 30 Product Managers

Vacation Policy

Flexible vacation days that we strongly encourage employees to take! We take a week off every summer over July 4th and also do an annual company shutdown at the end of the year to ensure everyone takes a break.

Tech Stack

Go, Kotlin, Python, Typescript

Interview Process

First round typically consists of a recruiter call followed by a 60-min technical interview with an engineer. Final rounds consist of 4-5 different rounds evaluating various technical skill sets.