Shipping Team 🚢 at Cameo

Cameo’s mission is to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world. We’re a marketplace where users can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people. We currently partner with thousands of talent across all verticals to make our users cry, scream, and laugh hundreds of times per day. We’re breaking down the exclusivity myth of celebrity by building personal relationships between fans and talent.

Job Openings at Cameo

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Open Communication

    As a fully distributed team, two of our engineering norms are to “speak up” and “do it often.”

    We are a fully distributed company and have people working in over 30 different states across the US. Regardless of where you’re based, every Tuesday we have a company-wide standup. We’re constantly communicating with each other via Slack and Zoom videos throughout the day to make sure that everyone is on the same page and are collaborating effectively.

    We have several tech teams at Cameo. We have product teams that focus on features like the Fan Experience, Talent Experience, Search & Discovery, etc. We also have a Platform (infrastructure and devops) team, as well as a Data engineering team. We lean toward over-communicating and written documentation wherever possible and always encourage folks to speak up. We’re at an exciting inflection point having just raised $100M in funding at a billion dollar valuation, and view transparency and open communication as the key to scaling healthily and happily.

  • Rapidly Growing Team

    We’ve grown from 5 engineers in 2019 to ~60 at the start of 2021, with continued plans for growth.

    Not only has the rise of influencers changed the landscape of fame, but technology has enabled celebrities of all kinds to reach more fans every day. Our growth is a combination of a new and rapidly growing market, and we’re excited to be pioneers in this uncharted territory.

    All of this growth has created a ton of opportunity to be a mentor, manager, and founding member of a new company. We’re spinning up entirely new teams and also need engineers to help us scale to millions of users, build out search and discovery on Cameo, and improve our UI and video performance as we’ve started to reach the limits of what React Native can do. If you want to learn more or get in touch, please reach out to Mara at [email protected] or Alex at [email protected] You can also check out this podcast where our CEO, Steven, talks about where Cameo is headed.

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    Our motto is “Ship Early and Ship Often,” – we have more than 10 custom Slack emojis for “ship.”

    You join a startup because you want to make an impact without the red tape. We are biased toward action and know that the fastest way to learn is by doing (rather than just sitting around and talking about it). And we love doing.

    We generally err on the side of speed over perfection, and love to ship early, then iterate. We deploy multiple times a day, and often rollout changes internally to our team first, and then after QAing, externally soon after. We have a pager system, but not a formal rotation. Currently, everyone jumps in when needed. We lean on straightforward engineering over intricate, or idealistic solutions.

    We’re well aware of how much change Cameo will undergo in the coming months, so we’re being careful to protect our culture of shipping early and often while also introducing necessary processes to keep things organized and efficient. We know we're biased, but we think it's objectively an exciting time to join Cameo. If you want to learn more about us, contact us!

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    Learn and grow with us!

    We wholeheartedly want everyone who joins Cameo to grow and learn during their time with us. There are a number of ways in which people can stretch themselves, too. For example, once a week, we have technical show-and-tell meetings via video conference. Engineers present new tools or techniques they’ve learned or are implementing to help uplevel their team members.

    For anyone wanting to engage with the greater engineering community, we are happy to send you to any conference you may be interested in. Some of our team members have even given talks at conferences such as App.js Conf. Career development is important to us which is why we are heavily biased toward promoting from within rather than hiring externally.

  • Bonded by Love for Product

    If you’re passionate about product, you’ll be happiest at a company like Cameo where we live or die by our product.

    We do not have clients, and we don’t have physical hardware. We are a highly digital, highly scalable, consumer tech company. We believe Cameo is one of the best companies in the world for product-focused engineers to work and that we provide one of the best opportunities to create magical consumer experiences.

    It’s impossible to work at Cameo and not wake up feeling excited every day. Our fans and talent are constantly sending us their ideas and amazing feedback. We’re in the business of creating unforgettable memories and making people happy, and that’s pretty awesome. One of the coolest perks of working at Cameo is that everyone on our team is bookable as talent! Not only do we get to fulfill fun, silly, and sometimes heartwarming requests, we also get to dogfood our own app and understand firsthand the pain points and joyful moments.

  • Cross-Department Collaboration

    We love spending time with one another.

    We prioritize working together and collaboration over individual heroics here at Cameo. Our team believes in collective responsibility for excellence over relying on dedicated resources. With a consumer facing product at the core of everything we do, our departments are inherently cross-collaborative. Whether it’s receiving feedback from Talent to build new features, or working closely with Design to build experiences that delight, all of our teams rely on one another.

    Our tech (shipping team) meets weekly for Tech Fun, where we are broken into random teams every quarter to play games against one another, such as Trivia, Among Us, and Geoguessr. To make sure everyone at the company gets to know each other, we use the donut app through Slack, which matches you with a new co-worker every two weeks. Everyone gets to know one another and share lunch, coffee, or drinks virtually (great time to spend our monthly Grubhub stipend!). You could be matched with someone in London, Australia, or Argentina for a fun Zoom session!

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Micromanagement doesn’t scale.

    One of our company’s core values is to “Run Through Walls,” which means that we don’t wait for someone else to handle a problem or remove a blocker – we each take the initiative ourselves.

    We hire the best, and we lean on our people to shepherd experiences and projects end to end. Our engineering team is still relatively small, which means everyone is familiar with the majority of our codebase and can jump in to fix almost any bug. If there’s an outage or our site goes down, someone always volunteers to spearhead the fix and lead the situation (or war) room as we call it, while someone else takes minutes.

    Our engineering team holds hackathons and bug bashes, and more importantly, encourages one another to creatively try new technologies and build out ideas that they’re curious about! Matt Doan learned how to use AWS video transcription and built out a text dataset from all of our Cameo videos, which we’re now using in production! No matter who you are, it’s pretty cool knowing that Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried are using features you’ve built.

  • Promotes from Within

    And promote often.

    Our general philosophy within engineering is to hire everyone as an individual contributor to gain the respect of the team and then quickly promote from within. All of our engineering leads started as individual contributors. Two great examples are Bronwyn Perry-Huston and Dom Scandinaro, who have moved up quickly into leadership roles at Cameo.

    With the recent hire of our world class Chief People Officer, Melanie Steinbach, career laddering and performance tracking is top of mind as we continue to scale. New teams are being built frequently, which paves the way for internal mobility! If you’re looking for a place to make a big impact in your role, we are positioned to be a great fit.


  • Open Communication
  • Rapidly Growing Team
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Promotes from Within

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 60 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 6 Product Designers
  • 7 Product Managers

Vacation Policy

One of our company values is “Fight for Simplicity,” and part of that is having no pointless rules. We don’t tell you when or how you should work, and that includes taking time off. We’ve never had an employee abuse this privilege, though we will get on your case if you look like you’re not taking enough time off and are headed towards burnout.

Tech Stack

React, React Native, Node.js, Elasticsearch, Redis, AWS, Kubernetes, Kafka

Interview Process

An introductory call with recruiter, a 45-minute live coding exercise on CoderPad, and then a virtual “onsite” interview consisting of additional pair-programming exercises and cultural interviews with the team, and a final round with our CTO/VP of Engineering.