Case Study

Nova Credit

Jinting Wang and Anne Shin, Software Engineers at Nova Credit

At Nova Credit, we’re constantly working to improve our hiring funnel to attract strong and diverse talent. While we previously worked with a third-party recruiter, we found we had better results when sourcing ourselves.

That’s where Key Values has been most helpful. As we grow, we want to have more female and underrepresented minority (URM) engineers to join us. We’re a company with a female founder and have been committed from the beginning to building a diverse team. The candidates who mention our profile the most frequently in interviews are women and URMs, which speaks to the diverse audience Key Values has. We’ve finally found a place to vocalize and share our core company values.

The numbers also speak for themselves. We started using recruiting platforms like Hired and AngelList in 2015, when Nova Credit was first founded. We published our Key Values profile in 2019. In less than 6 months, the number of applicants we got from Key Values surpassed the total number of applicants from Hired and AngelList combined in the nearly 5 years we had been using them. Not only that, the applicants we’ve received from Key Values have been more diverse and equally qualified.

Key Values (7mo in 2019)

  • 225 applicants
  • 13 withdrew
  • 1 hired

Hired (since 2015)

  • 149 applicants
  • 25 withdrew
  • 4 hired

AngelList (since 2015)

  • 39 applicants
  • 3 withdrew
  • 0 hired

"In just short of seven months since our profile went live, we received over 225 applicants from Key Values and hired a great engineer!"

Thanks to Key Values, we found and hired a software engineer. (Or really, thanks to Key Values, a great backend engineer found and joined us.) This hire had read a Hacker News post about finding engineering teams that share your values. This led him to Nova Credit, his perfect match. What attracted him most to our company was his shared belief in practicing radical over-communication, which we discuss at length in our Key Values profile. He is not only a technically gifted engineer, but he is also excellent at explaining things and making sure everyone is in the loop, even as a remote team member.

"It has been exciting to see engineers meet us and apply through Key Values, so thank you [Lynne] for creating the service and helping both companies and engineers find the best fit!"

Nova Credit enables immigrants to share their international credit history with US-based financial providers.

  • Founded in 2015
  • Hiring in San Francisco, New York, and Remote
  • $20M+ Series A funding
  • ~40 employees


  • Key Values is more effective for lead generation than any other recruiting platform we use surpassing Hired and AngelList combined after just 7 months (225 applicants)
  • Successfully hired a backend engineer after 5 months of publishing our profile
  • We reach a more diverse audience through Key Values as many female and URM candidates mention our profile during the interview process

About Annie Shin

  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from UC Berkeley
  • Previously at Docker
  • Hackbright Academy mentor
  • Dedicated to diversifying tech talent
  • Loves boxing

About Jinting Wang

  • Transitioned from project management to software engineering
  • Graduate of Fullstack Academy of Code
  • Lover of dogs, TV, and improv