Case Study

Treasury Prime

Chris Dean, CEO of Treasury Prime

Prior to joining Key Values, I was spending way too much of my time sourcing. I was spending hours a day looking through my network, emailing, and following up. Most of my leads were heavily entrenched somewhere else and not even looking.

When I did find engineers who were open to new opportunities, my co-founder and I devoted several hours to interviewing each one. We were happy that many candidates met our technical bar, but few aligned with our goals, values, and mission.

"We’re good at recognizing good candidates, but wanted them to be good at recognizing us."

We decided to try Key Values as a way to find more candidates that aligned with us. More than that, we wanted to make it easier for great candidates to find us. When we first joined Key Values, our company only consisted of 3 people: my co-founder, our first hire (who is non-technical), and myself. As a small team, we wanted to make sure we were interviewing people who were already excited about working with us.

We now have much higher quality coming in the door and have saved so much time. We’ve reduced our interview volume by 25% and have increased the quality of the candidates we do interview. Before Key Values, only about 20% of the engineers that we interviewed passed our cultural assessment. Now, 60%-70% of the candidates we interview pass our values and cultural interview. We have way more signal now, and truly, so much more time to focus on the other important aspects of growing our product and company.

Key Values has allowed us to find the hidden gems out there, too. Our first engineering hire was a female backend engineer from Waterloo, Canada who happened to hear about us through the Key Values newsletter. She was actually interviewing at Microsoft at the time, but chose us instead. We would have never met her without Key Values, and we are so glad we did!

Treasury Prime builds APIs that let both banks and their corporate customers automate their banking operations.

  • Founded in 2017
  • Hiring in San Francisco
  • Seed funding
  • 6 employees


  • Increased percentage of candidates who passed our cultural assessment from 20% to 70%
  • Reduced inbound application noise by 25% (thereby increasing the ratio of qualified candidates in our pipeline)

About Chris Dean

  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Serial entrepreneur with successful exits
  • 25+ years of software engineering experience