Engineering at is the world’s largest social change platform with over 150 million users in 196 countries. empowers anyone, anywhere, to create the change they want to see. We are a certified B-corporation and enable people to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions through our platform.

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Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Work/Life Balance

    We trust everyone at to manage their time in the way that best suits their work and personal lives.

    As a company, we place a premium on fostering healthy work/life balance, whether you’re working remotely or from one of our offices. All full-time employees receive unlimited PTO. We encourage people to use it and do not expect anyone to be on call or answering emails while taking PTO. In fact, we respect PTO so much that we'll discourage you from doing any work while you're off! We know taking time off is necessary, and the only way to return to work feeling rejuvenated is if you leave work at work. What’s more, the office environment supports flexibility; it’s common for team members to head out to exercise during the day or take care of a personal errand at their leisure. For those working from home, we offer a robust home office setup. All employees are encouraged to request any item(s) and supplies that can help make their work from home experience more comfortable and productive! At the minimum, this includes: a desk chair, a large monitor, keyboard, mouse, and desk.

    Our focus on work/life balance makes a great place for people with children, too. We support mothers and fathers who are going through the everyday ups and downs of parenting by letting them create their own schedule. As an exceptional added benefit, both moms and dads get 18 weeks paid parental leave when a baby joins the family. You’ll often see special appearances of our beloved kids (and dogs!) popping into the frame on video calls when meetings occur from home.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We have a variety of programs in place that are dedicated to fostering learning. is’s peer-to-peer learning program. It creates an opportunity for Changers to teach and learn skills from one another. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join. Additionally, all new hires join a group of other newbies to go through a month-long onboarding process. As part of this process, everyone in the group from around the world gathers together for a one-week retreat, called Generations. It’s a time and a space for the new team members to get to know each other and learn more about from our leaders. While this paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been able to implement it virtually (with monthly hangouts for each cohort) and we’re looking forward to gathering again in-person as soon as it’s safe to do so.

    Part of personal growth and development here at is creating an environment where we’re not afraid to try new ways of doing things. That means our culture allows space for failure. To get the best end result, we’re big on testing and learning from what doesn’t work. An example of this can be seen in product development – we use both Optimizely and bandit algorithms for feature testing before deploys. Making mistakes is part of human nature, but we like to take the opportunity to grow from it in a way that is safe and comfortable for everyone involved.

    Don’t be surprised if you get pulled in for a brainstorming meeting to generate ideas on new products, global communication across offices, or the next book club book.

  • Actively Practices Inclusion’s goal is for our organization to reflect the beautiful and diverse world we inhabit.

    We are actively questioning and working to disrupt systems that lead to oppression with a wide range of commitments and initiatives including giving $10M to support racial justice advocacy, expanding our DEI team, and instituting company-wide anti-racism training in partnership with The Equity Paradigm. We also have programs such as Allyship training, WHOA (Women Helping Others Achieve), and several ERG groups for cisgender women, transgender/non-binary, people of Black, Asian, Pacific Islander and Latinx heritage on our staff.

    One major way we fight systemic inequality is with our compensation practices. You can learn more about how we pay our people ethically and equitably here. We see our work in fostering inclusivity as a constant process to improve ourselves, the places we work, and the world around us so everyone can thrive. We do this with integrity, honesty, and humility at every step. With this approach, we’ve seen consistently high ratings for personal support and safety through anonymous team member surveys.

    Other ways we practice inclusivity are by having open communication lines across the company, and always putting the team first. Leadership shares detailed information about financials, employee happiness, and the health of the business company-wide on a regular basis, which is what we call radical transparency. Additionally, we are continuously improving how our teams operate independently and together. We are in the process of moving to a true autonomous organizational structure within the engineering team. This means decision making and teams will be led by key stakeholders.

    Lastly, as part of’s inclusion practices, we are dedicated to making this a safe space for everyone regardless of their upbringing or what they’re going through today. We understand that mental health is a struggle for many people in the world and occasionally for the people who work here, too. Our #1 priority is the health and wellness of our staff, which is why we offer a $200 monthly stipend to support the overall wellbeing of our employees. Team members have used this to buy new books, treat themselves to a nice meal, purchase candles to make their desks feel cozy, or even invest in new workout equipment. Ultimately, we have an open environment where employees feel safe and comfortable to take care of themselves without judgement.

  • Engages with Community

    Community is at the core of what we do.

    We believe that no one is powerless and making change can be a part of everyday life. is an open platform that gives a voice to a wide range of perspectives so people everywhere can take action on the issues they care about. Every campaign you see on our platform is started by people in our community – people in your community. People and organizations around the world use to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions. To that end, our campaign teams located in many different countries work directly with petition starters to provide them with the tools and support they need to amplify the impact in their local community or worldwide.

    The passion for the product and the work we do at is contagious! We’re dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the world and it shows. Our weekly all team meetings, where employees from around the world call in, are just one of the many moments we get to celebrate victories from our petition starters and the work of our campaign teams on a regular basis.

  • Team is Diverse

    At, we work to dismantle the systematic barriers that keep people apart.

    That’s why we act on our responsibility to build and support a team that authentically represents the diversity of anyone that comes to our platform, today and in the future. Our team consists of approximately 57% cisgender women, 40% People of Color, and 26% non-native English speakers.

    Currently, our team is over 200 people spanning nine countries and we have aggressive plans to continue growing in order to support the success of the business. We craft roles from an outcomes perspective and leverage structured interviews to foster a diverse pipeline. For open roles, we work closely with our employee resource groups such as Change.noire, People of Color, and WHOA (Women Helping Others Achieve) for referrals. In addition, we make it a priority to post on diverse job boards, participate in various online career fairs, and have partnered with Jopwell. Check out our careers page to learn more about the perks of working at and to see where we’re hiring.

  • Data-Driven

    We track everything and make decisions based on numbers, not opinions.

    We are an extremely data-driven organization. Our analytics team supports dashboard creation as well as ongoing and ad-hoc analyses. As an organization, we track and report against a plethora of metrics, some of which are related to user events, feature modifications, and revenue changes. The engineering team uses data for suppression, sunsetting, monitoring, and chart creation. Features are rigorously tested using both A/B and bandit algorithms. All teams use robust dashboards for weekly and quarterly strategic planning. Our analytics team uses platforms such as Chartio, Amplitude, and Redash.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Our “squads” are committed and accountable for end-to-end roadmapping and feature delivery.

    Engineering teams are solely focused and accountable for the end-to-end roadmapping and feature delivery in a dedicated functional scope. Teams are split into “squads” made up of a Product Manager, Engineering Lead, 3-6 Engineers, and a Designer. All squad members have a voice in ideation, design, and QA. Teams are committed to and accountable for both product delivery and parts of the Engineering architecture. We recently held a four-day Hackathon, where PD teams created working software, a product opportunity assessment, or a design document. The most recent event focused on ‘Creating More Engaging Relationships on’ It led to several great projects including reimagining our petition page for accessible storytelling. We hope to continue this practice on a quarterly basis.


  • Work/Life Balance
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Actively Practices Inclusion
  • Engages with Community
  • Team is Diverse
  • Data-Driven
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • PBC / B-Corp

Team Members

  • 56 Engineers
  • 7 Product Managers

Vacation Policy

Unlimited PTO. PTO can be scheduled up to 2 weeks at a time without approval, more than 2 weeks requires management approval.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, Java, Elixir, React.js, GraphQL, Node.js, AWS, Redis, Spark & Scala, (Data team)

Interview Process

Our interview process generally consists of one conversation with a technical recruiter/sourcer, one technical conversation with the hiring manager, a take-home assessment and a half-day onsite interview followed by reference checks.