Engineering at Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a highly curated dating service where women call the final shot on who gets to talk to them among guys who expressed interest. We believe that the best dating experience is offered through a differentiated service for men and women. Globally, we have generated more than one million dates and thousands of lasting relationships.

Job Openings at Coffee Meets Bagel

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Team is Diverse

    We are a tight-knit group representing all parts of the world!

    The desire to help others fall in love is a global one! Our engineers hail from China, Italy, the UK, India, Poland, Canada, Cypress, and of course, the United States. We cater to customers all over the world, of all sexual orientations, and across many ages, so yes, our team covers all spectrums too. The only way for us to innovate is to bring in as many perspectives as possible, which is why we’re always willing to relocate new hires from anywhere in the world. In fact, we’ve participated in Silicon Valley Internship Programme for the last 5 years and have hired at least one engineer from abroad every year. We help to sign work visas and will bring on interns full-time if it’s a good fit (which it has been, 5 years in a row).

    You should find enrichment not only in the work you do, but also by who you do work with.

    We are a diverse engineering team that is part of a diverse company (we were founded by three sisters from Korea, after all) and we hope you’re interested in learning about us. Read more about our engineering team or go ahead and reach out to us, we’d love to tell you more!

  • Risk-Taking > Stability

    Informed risk-taking is our way of life.

    We work in the dating app market, which is both constantly changing and competitive. There are a ton of different products out there and in order to differentiate ourselves, we have to take risks to stand out. Our data science engineers are always tweaking and experimenting with our algorithm, and building custom algorithms to test in individual cities. As an engineer, you’re never expected to work outside of your role, but you absolutely have free range to work as cross-functionally as you want. If you have an idea for new features, marketing strategies, or recruiting, we hope you’ll pull data to substantiate it, make the pitch, and then run with it. The only limits on your career at CMB are the ones you set yourself.

  • Engineering-Driven

    More than half of CMB's employees are engineers.

    We only have one product manager and don’t plan to hire more in the near future, which means our engineers have a significant influence over the design and decision making process. There's really no limit to how much influence you can have in your role, especially if you show value and strongly advocate your ideas. We use metrics and models to drive decisions and are transparent about how decisions are made, not only among our team but across all departments in the company.

  • Creative + Innovative

    Facilitating human interactions in a scalable way is a very difficult problem, and requires creative and innovative solutions.

    There are a lot of players in the dating space and also a lot of room for innovation in this domain. We have an organized, company-wide brainstorming session once every other month. We’ll count off by 4’s and form cross-functional thinking groups to tackle problems (ie. “driving revenue”) with focused topics for how to take that apart. Everyone at CMB has a sense of curiosity and we facilitate as much spontaneous collaboration as possible. We thrive on the individual and collective creativity of our team members, and breathe life into all ideas. (Remember Trump’s “Covfefe” tweet? Well, one of our QA’s office joke became a marketing concept and received more likes and comments than any other of our Instagram posts.) Our products wouldn’t exist without the creativity and innovation of our team's members.

  • Continuous Feedback

    Continuous and open feedback are baked into the cultural pie that makes up CMB.

    We all sit together which makes it easy to provide and solicit feedback. Open communication and collaboration comes so naturally to us that, at one point, we had to swing the pendulum back the other way and block time off for people to work independently. We have since found our sweet spot, and foster a culture of communication that is both open and respectful of everyone’s personal workload. We also have an all-hands (that segues into happy hour) every Friday. Each team shares updates, we ask our CEO questions about everything from fundraising to recruiting, and then collectively close our laptops, turn on music, and open some beers. Finally, at the basic and clinical level, we implement feedback with quarterly evaluations. With midpoint check-ins, you’ll receive feedback about your progress in reaching your OKRs and identify areas of improvement.

  • Bonded by Love for Product

    Whether you’re drawn to the application of machine learning or the success stories from our dating platform, we are all passionate about helping people fall in love.

    You don’t need to have any familiarity with online dating apps to work here. Some of us actively use Coffee Meets Bagel (not just for testing purposes) and some of us found love long before online dating existed. Regardless, we all find it incredibly fulfilling to be making matches and helping people find love. Just imagine how exciting it is when one of our success couples has a Bagel Bite (more commonly known as “baby”). Take a look at all of the connections, marriages, and babies we’re responsible for! #cmblovestory

  • Safe Environment to Fail

    We challenge ourselves, we challenge each other, and we challenge what we do as a company without fear of failure or repercussion, because that is the only way we grow and innovate.

    This is one of our core values. We highly value continuous learning, both at the level of the individual and as a team navigating the ever-changing dating space. We constantly reflect on and find opportunities to do better, which inevitably comes with making mistakes. As one example, we send “nudges” to our users when there’s a lull in their chat conversation. We thought maybe if our nudges were sassy and sarcastic, they might increase chat participation by giving both parties something to laugh about or comment on. Unfortunately, people were writing in that our nudges were too abrasive and over the top. We thought nothing of it and switched back to the old messages. Failure? Not at all. We know more now than we did before.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    If you want exposure to various teams or see yourself moving towards management, you’ll definitely find it here.

    We don’t focus too much on individual contributors but certainly support a career trajectory for engineers who want to grow into team lead roles and manage large projects. At the end of the day, if you can prove yourself, then you’ll get the chance to do it. We are an early-stage startup and have been growing slowly and steadily since our inception (2012), which means each person has the ability to shape the direction and future of the company in a significant way. We also support personal growth outside our office walls, providing a $1000/year stipend for educational development, whether it’s for a SQL class or Landmark. If any of this speaks to you, or if you have any questions, please reach out!

    You’ll also find Coffee Meets Bagel on San Francisco’s 2018 Top 20 Startups!


  • Team is Diverse
  • Risk-Taking > Stability
  • Engineering-Driven
  • Creative + Innovative
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Committed to Personal Growth

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 3 Android Engineers
  • 5 Data Analysts
  • 3 DevOps Engineers
  • 2 Product Managers
  • 8 Server Engineers
  • 4 iOS Engineers

Vacation Policy

We believe in Netflix’s “freedom and responsibility” model. We do not track vacation or have a strict number of vacation days. Each of us take vacation in conversation with our team so we can be well rested and have enough time to spend with our loved ones while the impact on the team is minimal. We also support the different work environment everyone needs to be productive. Many of us work from our home offices. Many of us have different work hours. Many of us have no meeting block days.

Tech Stack

Python / Django, Scala, Golang, Postgres, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Redis, AWS (EC2, S3, ALB, EBS, Kinesis, SQS), Linux (Ubuntu)

Interview Process

Engineers first do a phone interview with our CEO, Arum. Afterwards, there’s a technical phone screen with the hiring manager, usually the head of the team for which you are interviewing; if you’re interviewing for a manager position, you’ll speak with our CTO, Will.