Engineering Team at is a privately funded development company that manages over 100 websites around the internet. Our team is a tight-knit group of designers and developers who are passionate about what we do. We provide the digital needs of entities within our parent company and do not serve outside clients.

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Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Creative + Innovative’s foundation has been built through collaboration between technical experts and creative minds.

    From proprietary cybersecurity tools to microsites designed in 3D, we challenge our team members to develop new technology that ultimately makes the internet a safer and more closely connected community. That’s why you’ll always see the floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls throughout our open office covered in diagrams and notes. It’s also why we encourage developers to start their own projects and launch MVPs for testing and collaborative feedback. This gives everyone the freedom to pursue new ideas while inspiring others to develop their own innovative solutions.

    Our company is always looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems. The mission behind the .xyz top level domain is to bring innovation to the internet by cultivating the online community. is no different.

  • Cross-Department Collaboration services several different businesses under one roof. is the development company within our family of tech companies. We provide the engineering and development services for our other entities which means that our development team works in a variety of industries and we work with different coworkers depending on the project at hand. Regardless of the project, engineers engage and collaborate with peers in sales, biz dev, legal/compliance, and marketing throughout the course of the project. We all share one open room (no cubicles or offices), and we have a shared kitchen and communal areas where we often get to interact with members of other departments, even if we’re not currently working with them on a project.

  • Team is Diverse

    In all, our office is fluent in over 15 languages!

    Our office is made up of individuals hailing from every corner of the US and a dozen different international countries. To cultivate diversity and innovation, offers visa sponsorships for stellar talent so certainly reach out even if you aren’t currently living in the US.

    We pride ourselves on attracting top talent from different backgrounds to bring diversity to the office and help the company grow. We have engineers with formal CS degrees as well as self-taught developers on our team, and we will continue to hire both. While the majority of our team is mid - senior level, we do hire junior developers and will help you transition into mid - senior levels. We also believe in age diversity. Our developers ran between mid-twenties to mid-forties, and we support whatever stage of life you are currently in, parenting included.

    In the fall of 2017, was awarded two Tech In Motion awards. One for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity and the other was awarded to our CEO for being the Best Tech Manager!

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    Even though we move quickly, we are careful in considering the technical debt we choose to take on. provides development support to all the businesses within the XYZ family. The needs of the various businesses we service change regularly so our team is able to react quickly to new situations. Every month is different, and each business gets busy around different times of the year.

    There are two areas of business that we focus on. The first is our top level domain operation: we operate the domain extensions .xyz, .college, .rent, .theatre, and several others. The second is a large online marketing operation. We manage 100+ websites around the internet and we have built several robust reporting tools to support the large amount of data coming in through those sites. Most of the maintenance is compliance related (this is ongoing).

  • Wears Many Hats

    We won’t limit you to one narrow set of responsibilities or role.

    We try to encourage growth in our team members’ strengths, while appropriately challenging any weaknesses. We find that drawing hard lines between technical responsibilities can often hinder our ability to move quickly, so we don’t. Do you work on the front end but know how to handle that issue with the API? Go for it! Just send a pull request for the backend team to review. Are you a designer who has experience in web development? Great, our designer is also a front end developer! We fully support individuals who have broad skills. In fact, we think that’s wonderful. For those wanting to round out their skill set, we think our team is a great place to do it. Our current team members come from many different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience with many aspects of our technology stack –– everyone has something to learn and we encourage that everyone does.

  • Continuous Feedback

    A culture of continuous feedback requires so much more than an annual review.

    Of course, we still have a formal annual evaluation, but we don’t stop there. You will always be getting and giving feedback from your peers and supervisors. Every pull request is reviewed by senior team members and serves as both an excellent way to ensure quality and an opportunity to share knowledge. Code reviews help to surface the various approaches one can use and make it easy to exchange feedback on a daily basis with peers. Engineers also have ongoing one-on-one meetings with supervisors. We use Wrike, project management software, to make it incredibly easy to collaborate openly and review output.

  • Promotes from Within

    We always prefer to reward top performers over bringing in a new hire.

    Top performers are rewarded with increased responsibility, compensation, and promotions. Our Director of Analytics started out as a junior developer on our team. Our VP of Technology was previously our Director of Technology, and before that, a senior front-end developer on our team. We also promoted a front-end developer to become a designer and front-end lead.

    There are many examples of internal promotions at, and we take great pride in being able support individual growth alongside team growth. We don’t believe in monitoring the number of lines of code you write or number of tickets you completed. Instead, we involve our developers from project start to finish. By allowing our team members to estimate how long tasks will take, and reviewing the product and timeline of development we are able to help developers hone their communication and estimation skills. Frequent code reviews, feedback sessions, and annual reviews all help guide employees through their career.

    Meet our team here!

  • Product-Driven

    We try to provide the best experience possible when developing new products.

    The various products we develop cater to emerging and established markets. We differentiate ourselves by providing excellent value, first-class user experiences, as well as approaching problems in new and novel ways. The products we build are meant to attract customers organically.

    Rather than purchase and utilize off-the-shelf components, we prefer to build custom solutions to solve business problems. By utilizing open source technology, we are able to build tools and products that not only work better, but also cater to a user’s specific needs.

    In addition to the 3 million .xyz domains registered, we also own and operate over 100 websites online. We do marketing, cybercrime / abuse mitigation, advertising, and even have a couple mobile apps.


  • Creative + Innovative
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Team is Diverse
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Wears Many Hats
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Promotes from Within
  • Product-Driven

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 2 Front-End Engineers
  • 7 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 1 Product Manager

Vacation Policy

Two weeks of paid vacation for first 2 years of employment with tiered increases after that.

Tech Stack

LAMP / LEMP, Laravel / Zend, Node.js, AWS, Redis / Memcache, Ubuntu / CentOS, MySQL / Mongo, VanillaJS, VueJS, HTML5 / CSS3, Angular / Backbone / Ember / Ionic

Interview Process

Initial phone screen with HR. Code challenge (completed at home). In-person interview with hiring manager, HR, and senior developer. Final Interview with COO.