Engineering Team at Digit

Digit is a journey aimed at refreshing the interactions between humans and their money. Bad financial habits create unnecessary hardship that derail us from living our life to the fullest. We believe we can help people avoid some of these hardships by combining recent discoveries in behavioral psychology with technology.

Job Openings at Digit

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Engineering is responsible for all aspects of shipping a product.

    Everything from ideation, gathering requirements, design, and implementation, to QA, releasing, gathering customer feedback, analyzing key metrics, and iteration. You will work closely with our designers, user researchers, and data analysts to bring products to life and you will be responsible for defining what success is, and ensuring that it's achieved.

    Example products:

    • Automatically pay monthly bills (1 engineer, 1 designer, 1 data analyst, 1 user researcher)
    • Automatically save for a rainy day (1 engineer, 1 product manager)
    • Automatically get out of credit card debt (1 engineer, 1 user researcher, 1 designer, 1 data analyst)
    • Making Digit more conversational (swapping out the NLP aspect) (1 engineer, 1 product manager)
    • a/b testing the signup flow to maximize conversion (1 engineer, 1 data analyst)
    • Facebook Messenger App (1 engineer, 1 product manager)

  • Work/Life Balance

    We intentionally do not serve dinner in the office.

    A typical engineer will work 7-8 hours a day in the office. We don’t have set hours, but typically people are in the office from 9-5. The expectation is that you will work hard and effectively, but not on a particular schedule. There is no expectation that you will work nights or weekends. There is occasional work from home left to the engineer's discretion, but we want everyone to be in the office everyday as we primarily collaborate in person. We have a rotating on-call schedule where every engineer will be on-call 24/7 for a week at a time to act as first responder to critical problems in production.

    Our entire company will get together for quarterly 'hangs'. In the past this has included a 3-day trip (Wednesday through Friday) to Tahoe and Santa Cruz, team dinners, and mini-golf.

  • Continuous Delivery

    We are continuously deploying to production from our master branch.

    Code is deployed via pull requests, once another engineer has reviewed the work and builds are passing (build is currently ~8min). We use Github for all issue tracking and code reviews. In the last month, we have deployed to production 150 times (deployment is zero-downtime and currently ~10min).

  • Data-Driven

    Data is at the heart of decision making in Digit.

    We use Chartio and Redshift extensively to analyze and test all aspects of our product. Our product is designed to be passive in that customers can sign up for Digit and then go on about their lives. Digit will then work in the background to ensure they are financially healthy. Given this passive nature, we rely on data (both qualitative and quantitative) to guide product roadmaps and growth experiments. We currently have 35 features and experiments which are being tested in production right now.

    As an engineer at Digit, you’ll be responsible for working with our data analysts and user researchers to define what metrics you care about and which you are trying to improve.

  • Open Communication

    We encourage candid feedback throughout the company.

    We sit as product teams and there is open communication between all departments within the organization including support, operations, and the product organization. We share key company metrics openly with the entire organization including revenue and run rates, as well as the board deck with all employees on a quarterly basis. We use Slack for team updates and async communication, in-person conversations for decision making and direction, and company all hands for sharing company-wide information and metrics.

  • Light Meetings

    We have two regularly scheduled meetings every month. That’s it.

    Our all hands meeting takes place once every 2 weeks. All other meetings are intentionally done ad-hoc. In general, we prefer communicating in Slack and in person. We default to asynchronous communication in Slack or Github issue as a first step. When meetings need to happen we keep them small to the key decision makers and strive to make decisions in the room (not necessarily by consensus, but more often via disagree and commit).

  • Continuous Feedback

    Be candid and transparent.

    Engineers give feedback on all pull requests and an approval review is required before code can go to production. We also have ad-hoc design gatherings / documents where engineers can bring up bigger initiatives they are working on (eg. moving from Heroku to AWS, integrating a new ACH provider) to get buy-in and feedback from other engineers. We pair program where appropriate, especially with junior engineers to keep everyone in sync and productive.

    For meta feedback about the work, we encourage open and direct communication. We hold sessions on how to give and receive feedback constructively, and encourage it throughout all levels within the company. Our leadership team leads by example by practicing open communication with one another and the rest of the team live.

  • High Employee Retention

    We have 12+ engineers, 1 started in 2013, 1 in 2014, 2 in 2015, 3 in 2016 and 5 in 2017 (fibonacci!).

    We pride ourselves on working closely within the engineering and product teams to make sure everyone is working on products which are fulfilling and challenging for them. You can learn more about the members of our team here. If you are interested in opportunities within engineering or product please feel free to email our Recruiting Manager to start the process and learn more: [email protected]


  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Data-Driven
  • Open Communication
  • Light Meetings
  • Continuous Feedback
  • High Employee Retention

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 1 CTO
  • 2 Data Science Engineers
  • 4 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 3 Growth Engineers
  • 2 Infrastructure Engineers
  • 2 Mobile Engineers
  • 1 User Researcher

Vacation Policy

Unlimited vacation.

Tech Stack

JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Python, Node.js, React + React Native, AWS Lambda, Spark, Kinesis, MongoDB, Redshift

Interview Process

(1) 30 minute Introductory phone conversation with Hiring Manager / Recruiter Manager. (2) 1hr remote pair programming technical interview done in the language / framework of your choosing. (3) Onsite interview consisting of 3x1hr pair programming interviews with engineering. This will be hands on coding exercises with real world problems. 30 minute product interview and 30 minutes for lunch.