Engineering Team at Eaze

Eaze provides safe, convenient and affordable access to marijuana. Our technology connects hundreds of thousands of people with nearby dispensaries to get marijuana delivered quickly, wherever they are.

Job Openings at Eaze

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Bonded by Love for Product

    We’re working toward a better future for cannabis.

    Many of us at Eaze love cannabis, but we’re collectively bonded by a commitment to push the industry forward.

    We’re now the largest legal cannabis company in the world. That puts us in a unique position to shape the industry forever, and we’re taking that seriously. With our work in cannabis policy, public relations, cannabis brand scaling, and our delivery operations, we’re showing the cannabis industry not just how to grow, but also how to grow up.

  • Customer Comes First

    We focus on creating a service our customers will love.

    Eaze has a unique first time experience - getting cannabis delivered in under 15 minutes creates a feeling of “Wow!” that our customers remember. The only way we win is by continuing to deliver on that amazing experience.

    We work with many stakeholders, from dispensaries and drivers to cannabis brands. When given the choice to make something better for us or for our customers, we’ll always put the customer first.

  • Product-Driven

    We solve technical challenges to move the business forward.

    As a delivery company making 15 minute deliveries in a heavily regulated industry, there’s no shortage of operational and technical challenges at Eaze. We love problem solving within these operational constraints but ensure that each decision advances the product forward. We have customers, contractors and businesses that are dependent on our services. Our customers come first, and we make the best engineering decisions we can with the end goal of making a product that customers will love.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    We trust you to do great work but hold you accountable to that standard.

    We hire people that we trust to have the technical skills and judgement to get the job done. In turn, that means we give you full project ownership. If you’re the person closest to the problem, you’re the best person to make the right call and shouldn’t have to ask for permission.

    Recently, one of our engineers noticed that our internal admin tools were outdated and could use a UX and design facelift. He took it upon himself to create a fantastic new dashboard that would make the lives of our operations team easier. Once he showed the product team a revamped interface, the company got behind the effort and asked him to lead a project with a designer, another engineer, and a product manager to take the new admin dashboard to the finish line. The new dashboard is a critical (and beautiful) operations tool that our operations team uses day-to-day to meet our growth and revenue goals.

  • Cross-Department Collaboration

    We work with many teams to make the best decisions.

    We use cross-functional teams to advance our product. A typical engineering workday will have you pairing with other engineers, syncing with product managers, getting feedback from designers, reviewing interaction events to send to analytics, and sitting next to operations/sales to iterate on the UX of a feature.

    That’s why we involve other teams in our engineering interviews. When we gather after an interview to discuss an engineering candidate, we actively ask product managers, designers, and other engineers, “Would you want to work with this person?” We consider it a disqualifier if the answer isn’t a resounding “yes”.

    Overall, we celebrate our successes as a team, and we discuss our failures as a team. We believe that teams that work well together will outperform teams of highly productive individuals working alone.

  • Actively Practices Inclusion

    We’re working towards a more inclusive future for cannabis.

    At Eaze, we recognize that major reform of the cannabis industry must come from diverse and inclusive internal teams. Making decisions that change the outward-facing image of cannabis in our web and mobile products, as well as in media, requires us to celebrate diverse perspectives, and model a future of a just and upstanding industry. To this end, we take noticeable measures to prioritize inclusion. We encourage flexible work schedules, diverse hiring discussions, and weekly team building activities celebrating our backgrounds. We discuss inclusion actively and are always amenable to new ideas!

  • EQ > IQ

    We value emotional maturity and technical strength equally.

    Eaze, at its heart, is an operations company enabled by technology. We create many products for our different users - dispensaries, drivers, internal operation teams. These users rely on our ability to create tools that enable them to do their jobs well. To do that, we expect engineering team members to be able to see problems from non-engineering perspectives.

    An example of this is our driver app - we provide dispensary drivers with a mobile app that enables them to deliver the right product to the right customer. Drivers tend to be less technical users. So we have to be able to see the app from their perspective to create the optimal cannabis delivery experience.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We invest in our team members to grow in the team in the long term.

    We want all of our engineers to progress personally, both in their technical and collaboration skills. One concrete example of this philosophy is our Tech Lead rotation. We rotate a Tech Lead per project so that all engineers get better at project timeline estimations, coordinating and collaborating with other teams, and leading other engineers. When an engineer has become a great Tech Lead, we ask her/him to mentor new Tech Leads. As every engineer grows, we all benefit.


  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • Customer Comes First
  • Product-Driven
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Actively Practices Inclusion
  • EQ > IQ
  • Committed to Personal Growth

Company Properties

  • B2C

Team Members

  • 6 Back-End Developers
  • 2 Designers
  • 7 Front-End Developers
  • 2 Infrastructure Developers
  • 4 Product Managers
  • 3 iOS and Android Developers

Vacation Policy

We don't count your vacation days because we trust that you will take time off when your work allows you to.

Tech Stack

Our backend is a mix of an inherited .NET monolith and Node.js microservices we’re carving out of the .NET stack. Our front-end websites are written in React and Redux, and our native clients are written in React Native.

Interview Process

Our interview process starts with a phone call to discuss your experience and tell you more about Eaze. After that, we’ll give you a small take-home assignment. After we’ve reviewed the assignment, we’ll invite you to our office to meet with a mix of engineers, product managers and designers. For the on-site technical interview, we’ll walk through your take-home assignment and ask you to extend it. And don’t worry, we won’t ask you to whiteboard. 😉