Engineering Team at Flatiron

Flatiron Health is a healthcare tech company that uses organized data to accelerate cancer research and improve patient outcomes. Our products connect community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers, and regulators on a shared technology platform. Together, we can learn from the experience of every patient.

Job Openings at Flatiron

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Team is Diverse

    We’re at the intersection of oncology and engineering, fighting cancer with organized data.

    Flatiron Health is a marriage between doctors and engineers. We bring together experts from various domains to accelerate cancer research and improve patient care. Cancer sees no race, gender, or sexual orientation and the battle against cancer brings together an equally distributed group of people. Some of us are older and close to retirement while others are working at Flatiron Health as our very first job out of college. We might be at different points in our lives but we are focused and unified under the same mission.

  • Cross-Department Collaboration

    Each of our product teams is staffed with experts from various domains.

    We are organized into various teams, each working on a particular initiative (either one product or part of the platform). Our teams are comprised of combinations of product managers, designers, oncologists/clinical professionals, and engineers. All of our teams are fully staffed to operate independently, which means that engineers do more than read and write code. Engineers are constantly working side by side with the people on their teams. We take customer feedback into account as we translate our vision into tangible roadmaps that we can then execute. The ability for the team to deliver relies on collaboration between each team member’s skill set.

  • Ideal for Parents

    Flatiron fully supports anyone who has family or is starting a new one.

    We provide 16 weeks for both maternity and paternity leave. When you return from your leave, you can take on a modified schedule and work 2 days a week or work from home once a week for the following year. We’re flexible and will help tailor a work schedule that is best for you and your family. We also have emergency daycare. There’s a hotline you can call that’s connected to our insurance company so that if something suddenly comes up, you can still get daycare for your children. Our office also has a mother’s room for nursing moms. Lastly, Flatiron has massages and manicures at the office every Thursday. While these are open to all employees, we think parents (especially new ones) can benefit from these wellness perks quite a bit.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We invested early in our employees and created an entire Learning and Development team.

    We have a Learning and Development team that is responsible for developing the growth of individual company members. Our L&D team regularly hosts workshops on performance management, giving feedback, retention, diversity, and unconscious bias, just to name a few. Some of these workshops are opt-in and some are mandatory. We partner with a third party called LifeLabs that hosts programs and teach our L&D team to conduct programs on their own. Lastly, we contract with Gold Spring which is a network of professional career coaches. Flatiron pays for up to 4 sessions so that you can get coaching from someone external to the company in identifying and navigating your personal goals.

  • Internal Mobility

    There is a lot of fluidity between product/engineering teams at Flatiron.

    Many of our engineers go through a bootcamp which allows them to meet different teams, build relationships with different people, and get a taste for what’s going on at the company. The bootcamp is also designed to provide proper training. You’ll learn our testing methodology, our release processes, version control, and start answering tickets to get familiarized with our code base. Having this foundation makes it easy for people to change teams later down the road. You can move from a provider team to a research team, or even between product and infrastructure. Ultimately, there is a tremendous amount of fluidity between teams at Flatiron and we’ve structured our on-boarding program to ensure easy changes in the future.

  • EQ > IQ

    You’ll be working cross-functionally no matter what you’re doing.

    Communication and collaboration are incredibly important to us, both in willingness and ability. As you work directly with product managers, designers, and doctors, it’s important that you can adjust your communication and collaborate well with people with different backgrounds and expertises. When you go from giving feedback to a fellow engineer about their code to getting feedback from the oncologist on your team, being able to understand the context of each interaction is critical. We don’t require people to have a background in healthcare nor do we require CS degrees. However, we do need individuals who can problem solve in an environment where there are many other perspectives at play.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    There’s a cross section of the world working at Flatiron.

    We have older folks that are closer to retirement and young folks working here as their first job. There are young families who are just starting to have children, singles, and of course people right out of school at Flatiron too. Depending on where you are in life, what’s important to you, and what you were doing the night before, people might get to work at 8 AM; or other people might not show up until 10:30am or 11am and might stay until late, or leave early and continue to work. The bottom line requirement is to be available for standups and meetings. People have the flexibility to work from home. We have some people who come in from Connecticut and have arranged to work from home 2 days a week to avoid a daily long commute.

  • High Employee Retention

    Everyone has different reasons for staying, but above all, it’s because we have faith in this company.

    When we ask people who’ve been at Flatiron the longest why they’ve stayed, we get a number of answers. Employees say it’s because of the strong leadership, the opportunities to advance your career, and the fact that it’s a clear and strong mission supported by an equally strong business model. While there are many factors in play, we all agree that contributing to society in a meaningful way while having also making personal improvements is one of them. We hope you want to learn more about who we are, the values we stand by, and that you’ll get in touch soon about when you can join.


  • Team is Diverse
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Ideal for Parents
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Internal Mobility
  • EQ > IQ
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • High Employee Retention

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 750 Abstractors (FT, PT, contractors, and QA)
  • 47 Full-time employees with medical degree (MD, RN, NP, PharmD, etc)
  • 12 Oncologists
  • 7 Practicing MDs
  • 150 Technologists (IT, security, devops, sysops, SWE, DI, QS, medical informatics)

Vacation Policy

Flexible vacation policy.

Tech Stack

Python | C# | JavaScript | AngularJS | React | PostgreSQL | MSSQL

Interview Process

(Process varies slightly depending on applicant background.)

Some roles begin with a take-home technical test. Applicants complete a technical phone screen and share a collaborative coding environment to do real-time coding. The next step is onsite that consist on a series of in person interviews. We then make a decision to hire. After receiving an offer, you’ll have the option to take us up on a reverse interview and meet with a lineup of people of your choice to help you decide if Flatiron is the right place for you!