Maker Team at Flexport

Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. We are revolutionizing a huge industry that touches every country on the planet, which means solving complex challenges. We are looking for makers who love learning, are passionate about collaborating, and desire to see the global impact of the solutions they build.

Job Openings at Flexport

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Fast-Paced Environment

    We are growing fast.

    In the past year, Flexport opened offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Hamburg. The volume we’re shipping has increased at such a pace that we purchased warehouses in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Shenzhen -- we even leased our own Boeing 747!

    We achieved this growth with just 50 engineers, something we attribute to a carefully designed product cycle that syncs strategically with the business. To keep up with demand growth, engineers move fast.

    When you join Flexport, you ship code on your first day. You build our product and design flexible, high-quality solutions. To help you understand the broad scope of our mission, you will participate in a week-long crash course on the fundamentals of global trade. Your onboarding class will be flying in from offices around the world, and will consist of people from operations, sales, marketing, product, design and more. This will be a great opportunity to tap into the cross-functional knowledge of your starting cohort!

  • Product-Driven

    Global trade is complex, and it takes a sophisticated solution.

    Our competitors were formed before 1994, and have all failed to modernize in a comprehensive way. We’re built from the ground up as a tech company, and have teams working on ocean and air shipping, trucking, warehousing, consolidation, and customs. We found product-market fit early, and have kept our edge.

    The makers worked closely with the business teams early on, so our engineers are deeply embedded in the product improvement cycle. We even encourage team travel to gather intelligence. From our trucking team meeting customers across the US once a quarter, to our air team spending a week in Hong Kong to help load our plane, we stay close to the problems we’re solving.

  • Work/Life Balance

    Your best work happens when you are refreshed, so we play the long game.

    We have a flexible vacation policy, and keep the office full of love by having Flexpups (Flexport puppies) around.

    We have board game night every other Wednesday for a night of spirited competition.

    The team even goes on camping, biking, hiking, and rafting trips together -- and we have a surprising number of roommates working here!

  • Open Communication

    We practice a bottom-up culture by practicing candor.

    We believe that open communication is key to success, so everyone is encouraged to speak with candor. We stay nimble and take action so we’re continuously improving. Everyone is given a voice, and we make it so those closest to the problems are the decision makers.

    This works top-down as well. Our CEO Ryan holds an all-hands meeting every two weeks to share global company updates, and he actively encourages everyone with a thought or idea to Slack him directly.

    Managers and reports meet one-on-one every week, and skip level meetings are scheduled on a monthly cadence. We believe that maintaining an open communication channel enables individuals to comfortably voice their thoughts, and to receive the attention required to maximize career growth.

  • Wears Many Hats

    We are growing quickly, so we encourage people to fill the gap and wear as many hats as they want.

    Want to learn more about operations and the business side of Flexport? Phenomenal, do it. Learn about their pain points and go build product to solve them.

    Kevin built our permission policy system, and single handedly ran our infrastructure for over a year. He flew to our Shenzhen office to improve site performance behind the Great Firewall.

    Chase, an engineer who was recently promoted to engineering manager, led our customs team for a year. He spoke with our operations squads and customs brokers on a daily basis. He created the product specs, coded solutions, and assembled the engineering team.

  • Promotes from Within

    Flexport is great because of its people, so we make sure to take care of our people.

    Most ideas and initiatives drive from the ground up, and we regularly promote and empower those who exemplify our values.

    Take Yan for example, who joined Flexport as a junior engineer on the Network team. Their goal is to construct the social graph of global trade, so her initial project included de-duplicating addresses across all the locations that our clients move cargo through. This resulted in cleaner data and smoother operations.

    She later designed and implemented the ability to "promote" a Flexport client's entered connections into proper companies in the system so that new clients could onboard more easily. As she continued to deliver, the complexity of her projects grew. Recently she built an enterprise-grade, rule-based subscription engine that lets users define custom rules to subscribe to only shipment events that they care about. Needless to say, Yan was promoted and recognized for her great work!

    When Will joined the engineering team in January 2016, he saw that despite all the cargo we were moving around the world, we had no carbon offset program. Together with Susy Schöneberg from the business side, he drove Flexport's partnership with the Foundation. They built carbon emissions reporting, and provided a way for our customers to sign up.

    After that, he made it possible for Flexport to model and coordinate the allocation of cargo onto carrier ships. He wrote detailed design docs, mentored his teammates, and acted as the glue between product, business and engineering. Since then he has been promoted to staff engineer, and is tech lead for the ocean automation team.

  • Light Meetings

    We are firm believers in Deep Work.

    In order to perform cognitively complex tasks, we believe you need a distraction-free environment. Our engineering and product managers carry the burden of extraneous or tangential meetings, so that you can focus on your craft. Meetings have a clear agenda, and result in clearly owned action items.

    Engineering teams have the freedom to independently adopt their own practices. It's up to you and your teammates to decide the environment you want. If you enjoy pair programming, let us know. If you like having more structure - daily standups, retrospectives, sprints, etc., try it out with your team.

  • Impressive Team Members

    We’re a friendly bunch, who inspire each other to do great work. We’re driven by a collective desire to change trade and have fun doing it.

    Our leaders have deep domain knowledge, have founded multi-million dollar startups, and have often managed teams handling hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. They’ve mastered the logistics industry and know how to lead us down the right path.

    Our engineers come from a variety of backgrounds, and we take special pride in that. We have seasoned engineers from the large, successful tech companies, who bring industry best practices and high standards. We also have product-minded ex-founders, brilliant newcomers, and more. We love having a diverse group on our team, and hope you’re the next to join us!


  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Product-Driven
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Open Communication
  • Wears Many Hats
  • Promotes from Within
  • Light Meetings
  • Impressive Team Members

Company Properties

  • B2B

Team Members

  • 12 Engineering Managers
  • 92 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 10 Product Designers
  • 10 Product Managers

Vacation Policy


Tech Stack

Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme

Mobile: React Native, Apollo

Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec

CI: GitHub, Buildkite

Infrastructure: AWS, Python

Interview Process

Our typical interview process involves one technical phone screen and one onsite interview. The technical phone screen measures a candidate’s basic CS knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Our onsite consists of two coding sessions focused on algorithms, one session focused on database design, and a deep dive with an engineering manager. We like to start our interviews at 10am so that you can break for lunch with the team at 12pm. However, we’re certainly flexible and can make accommodations. The average timeframe to complete our interview process is about 7 to 14 business days. You can expect to hear back on a decision within 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, we’re language agnostic. Feel free to use the language that you’re most comfortable with during your interviews. We’re also a casual environment. Feel free to wear what is most comfortable for you.