Engineering at High Wheel Software

We are living in a world where technologies give us a competitive advantage. Yet most of us struggle to find skilled IT Professionals within set budget. At High Wheel Software, our goal is to connect our Clients with expert Developers. We specialize in Web and Data-driven applications built on top of Microsoft Technology Stack.

Job Openings at High Wheel Software

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    We aspire to work with independent and reliable people who allow us to grow while keeping our startup vibe.

    We trust our employees and their judgment. While we expect you to be there for our daily scrums and weekly meetings, your work schedule is entirely up to you and your teammates. We try to keep things small. Our typical team consist of 4 developers and a product owner. We work at one project at a time.

    You can work either from home or at our fully equipped office space in Gdynia. It’s all about preferences. Currently, one of our developers is working fully remotely. On the other hand, other team members prefer to be in the office every day.

  • Data-Driven

    We are experienced data engineers and we back up our decisions with available information.

    When Przemek (our co-founder) wanted to buy a camper car, he scraped most popular listing sites and checked if the price was seasonal (it was, by the way). We apply data-driven culture in our work and personal lives. Gathering information and presenting it in a clear way is part of our decision making process. We try to share this culture with our clients.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    We are only as good as our employees.

    We act as a software development department for our clients. We understand that the success of every project is all about reliable people. It is essential for our employees to grow with the company. When joining us you can expect technical and soft skills workshops. We tend to organise them monthly. Most recently we learned about effective communication methods and hosted SQLServer expert who presented a column store index for us.

    We also attend IT conferences together like SQLDay or .NET Developer Days. Each piece of code is reviewed by a teammate before merging. This improves code quality, and encourages team members to share their knowledge and expertise.

  • Continuous Feedback

    Feedback is an integral part of the culture of our company.

    We are a small company. It allows us to set our goals and values together. From small things, like deciding to buy a roomba to clean our office, all the way to mission-critical aspects, such as planning our company’s roadmap. (at a workshop we organised in January)

    We encourage continuous feedback on every level of our organisation -- from our newest employee to the CEO.

  • Engages with Community

    We are actively engaged in every stage of shaping local communities.

    Investing in the development of our region always proofs to be valuable for us. We sponsor and organise tech conferences: DataMass summit, AnalyticsConf, or 3cityNetConf. Our experts give talks on many topics, such as data warehousing and .NET development. Maciej (our co-founder) is a leader of a SQLServer user group. We are also one of the sponsors of a local .NET chapter. It is during those events we get a chance to meet our future employees. In our opinion, dynamic community creates a competitive edge for local companies.

  • Flat Organization

    From software developers for software developers.

    We remember what corporate environment feels like. Our company was started by two software developers. We had worked together for 5 years before and noticed that our skill set seemed complementary. Przemek is responsible for technology, whereas Maciej is more business oriented.

    Our goal was to create an environment, in which everybody values responsibility and decisiveness. We work in small self-organizing teams. This allows us to consult crucial decisions with our employees. It is important we build relationship between the client and the team. Our software developers do not switch between projects. When our clients grow, we can build new teams around our key people.


  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Data-Driven
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Engages with Community
  • Flat Organization

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 3 Data Engineers
  • 3 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 1 QA Specialist

Vacation Policy

Up to you, anything from 10 days to 30 days is fine with us.

Tech Stack

.NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, jQuery, Azure, Microsoft SQLServer 2016

Interview Process

1. Phone call (15 minutes) - we check soft skills and attitude,

2. Technical tasks (around 90 minutes, online),

3. Technical interview (around 40 minutes)