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Indeed is the #1 job site in the world* with an ambitious mission to help all people get jobs. With over 250 million unique visitors** every month, Indeed puts job seekers first, giving them free access to all jobs in one place, as well as tools and resources to show their best self from application to interview.

*comScore Total Visits, March 2021 **Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2021

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Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    There are 3 main ways we embrace flexibility.

    At Indeed, we help companies around the world hire top talent, and are passionate about matching job seekers with the best opportunities. Given the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected where and how employees work, we quickly realized that having more flexibility not only increases productivity, but also happiness. That’s why we decided to offer three options for team members moving forward: in-office, flex, and remote.


    Anyone who lives within commuting distance from an Indeed office is eligible for the in-office option. They would come in 5 days a week and assigned a desk, with occasional work from home days permitted.


    For team members who live within the metro area of an Indeed office, the flex option is available and it could be either scheduled or unscheduled. Depending on the department, employees may be required to be in the office (usually 1-4 days per week) on specific days, aka scheduled. Flex unscheduled engineers are similarly expected to be in the office 1-4 days per week (as determined by each organization and team), but these days might rotate and are not scheduled.

    Fully Remote

    While occasional visits to the office for collaboration or training may be required, fully remote employees will not be expected to regularly go into an office. Employment terms are specific to the city/state/province and country where the employee is hired. If you live somewhere Indeed does not have an office, you’ll automatically be under the fully remote category.

    We also offer an annual $1,500 (USD) stipend for flex and remote employees to help cover expenses such as high-speed internet, utilities, snacks, office supplies, and even childcare. Ultimately, by offering more flexibility we’ll not only help cut down on our carbon footprint, but we’ll also be able to build the best product possible.

  • Data-Driven

    “If we can measure it, then we can improve it.”

    This is a mantra leadership repeats often and one that permeates throughout our culture. We take a hypothesis-driven approach and look to the data to inform decision making. That means we test and measure as much as we can, whether it’s conducting hundreds of A/B tests, constantly evaluating what search terms job seekers are using, or building and improving a large-scale recommendation system powered by machine learning. Engineers can expect to work closely with our data scientists on projects such as Search Ranking, Employer Recommendations, Budget Optimization and Salary Extraction, and Estimation.

  • Work/Life Balance

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to work/life balance.

    We believe long-term success depends on striking a balance between working effectively and having enough time and energy to enjoy life outside of work. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be an equal balance, and we recognize that it will ebb and flow for each individual. That said, we strive to keep the pace sustainable and create an environment that actively avoids burnout. We encourage folks to take breaks from their daily work to connect with others in the company via our many Slack channels such as #wfh-cooking-club, #wfh-workouts, and #zoom-lunches. Indeedians can also take advantage of open paid time off to enjoy time with friends and family. We trust you to get your work done and take the time you need to recharge!

  • Customer Comes First

    Our focus is on job seekers first and foremost.

    Put simply, our mission is to help all people get jobs. In fact, we’ve made decisions like removing a job board – even though it was generating significant revenue – because it provided a poor job seeker experience. Throughout the evolution of our products, job seekers have remained our North Star. We started as a search engine, followed by the creation of our Search Quality organization to ensure that only the best jobs show up on Indeed. Similarly, we created Indeed Resume, Company Pages, and Indeed Apply to further improve their experience. More recently, we launched new features to address the pandemic, like the #readytowork hashtag, which allows job seekers to alert employers of their immediate availability. Our pay per performance model mirrors that. In other words, we want to get paid when we deliver value, which means when a company makes a hire. In fact, as we constantly re-imagine how to further align ourselves with customer outcomes, getting closer to the hire using a pay-per-hire model is a top priority.

  • Actively Practices Inclusion

    Inclusion and belonging is one of our core values.

    We strive to create an inclusive culture that channels our many unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. For example, several of our software engineers have non-traditional backgrounds. As Lynn Griffin puts it, “Coming from a non-traditional background, I constantly feel encouraged and motivated. When comparing my values and personal mission to those of Indeed’s, I feel they are aligned and that makes all the difference.” (You can learn more about Lynn’s experience here.)

    Doing our best work requires that all of our voices are heard. That’s why we have several employee-led inclusion resource groups (IRGs), which are part of our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DI&B) team. LaFawn Davis, our SVP of Environmental, Social & Governance, joined in 2019 and is passionate about helping us expand our efforts to make Indeed a place that welcomes people of all different backgrounds and walks of life. Under LaFawn’s leadership, we have aggressively grown the DI&B team and released Indeed’s diversity data. We’ve also collected data to show trends and opportunities in areas such as gender, race, age, and pay gaps. This has led to actionable steps, such as a company goal to increase Indeed’s workforce representation of women globally to 50% and underrepresented ethnic minorities in the United States to 30% by 2030.

    What’s more, we are in the unique position to be able to leverage our technology to help reduce bias and lower barriers to employment for underrepresented populations. One main way we’re doing this is with our Product Advisory Council, which ensures our products are created and tested with a diverse set of perspectives. The engineering team also collaborates with data science teams to implement applications that promote fair and inclusive hiring. If you’re curious about how we’re making a positive impact on each other, our society, and the planet, we encourage you to check out this article. If it resonates with you, please reach out!

  • Ideal for Parents

    Whether you’re already a parent or want to become one, we know your number one job is to take care of your loved ones.

    From generous paid leave for new parents to home birth coverage, adoption support, and fertility benefits, we support all paths to parenthood. We even have a Parents & Caregiver Inclusion Resource Group (IRG) for parents and caregivers to share knowledge, lend support to each other or even just vent to one another in a safe space.

    As Parents & Caregivers IRG leader, Sherrie Ngyuen puts it, “Everyone’s situation is unique. Our Slack community has provided a space to connect and be seen. Employees are engaging, vulnerable, and supportive.”

    “Indeed would never allow its employees to be in a dilemmatic situation where they have to choose a family OR a career,” adds Talent Attraction Sourcer, Rachel Seo. “There is a common understanding that family comes first and that we all work better when our home life is peaceful.”

  • Safe Environment to Fail

    Failure is expected at Indeed.

    Yes, some of the stuff we do will fail, but we believe if we're not failing sometimes, we're not being bold or risky enough. As our CEO, Chris Hyams says, “The greatest soil for personal growth is made of the things that you mess up on badly, but are willing to look at honestly.”

    This is a key principle of Indeed Incubator, an internal program that gives Indeedians an opportunity to pitch their ideas and get funded like a venture-capital investment, in various amounts from Angel to Series C. We provide guardrails, not speed bumps to solve real-world problems facing job seekers. This gives us the freedom to test ideas. Even if they fail, we take what we learned and apply it to another project.

    Key products that have come from or are currently testing by Indeed Incubator include:

    • Text2Apply
    • Virtual Interview Platform
    • Virtual Evaluations
    • Job seeker communities
    • Employer video messaging

    For more successes check out:

    Indeed Incubator partners with Indeed University, which launched in 2015 with the mission to empower new hires out of college to prototype ideas, some of which have become Indeed products.

  • Open Source Contributor

    We’re committed to taking an active role in the open source community.

    We are part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and are also proud sponsors of the Python Software Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation, Outreachy, the Open Source Initiative, and Software Freedom Conservancy. Through our FOSS Contributor Fund we help sustain open source that is important to Indeed, and we support a number of open source contributors directly using the GitHub Sponsors for Companies program.

    Some of our open source projects include:

    Learn more about Open Source at Indeed.


  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Data-Driven
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Customer Comes First
  • Actively Practices Inclusion
  • Ideal for Parents
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Open Source Contributor

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 4000 across our Product, Tech, and Engineering teams globally

Vacation Policy

Open paid time off

Tech Stack

Python, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Go, SQL, Ruby, Perl

Interview Process

The interview process and timeline will vary depending on the role, as well as the number of applicants who have applied for the role. All roles will more than likely have 2+ stages which will be a phone screen by our recruiter followed by assessments, and Indeed Interview/onsite interviews.