Engineering at NexHealth

NexHealth is building the infrastructure for people and their doctors. Think Plaid, but for healthcare. NexHealth scaled out with our network of doctors, patients, and developers means a world where our healthcare system is living in the 21st century, and innovation is accelerated with NexHealth infrastructure supporting it all.

Job Openings at NexHealth

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Risk-Taking > Stability

    At NexHealth, we value breaking rules and taking risks above everything else.

    We’re disrupting and modernizing an old, slow, and closed industry. In order to move fast, we have to take risks and break rules both in our strategy and day-to-day operations. We will often push unfinished features in order to get user feedback, knowing that it is better to validate our direction before completing the work. We are comfortable with reverting and/or shelving features, too, should we need to course correct. We’re comfortable working out safe, reliable, but backdoor engineering solutions as long as it solves a customer problem.

    In order to understand our philosophy and logic, you have to first understand our industry. Around the same time as the Affordable Care Act, the HITECH Act was passed. The HITECH Act incentivized (forced) doctors to go from paper patient records to digital paper records. In theory, this was great: digitizing records should open up more innovation. However, it had the opposite effect.

    After the Act passed, hundreds to thousands of vendors developed Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) to help doctors digitize their records. Eighty percent of the EHRs were developed to be on-prem locally-hosted software. In addition, the systems were designed to be closed, meaning you cannot easily read or write data into the EHRs. While this helped vendors retain customers, it created a horrible experience for doctors, patients, and third-party developers that need access to those records.

    Ten years later with a more mature EHR market, the problem is worse than ever. The industry is fragmented (no one owns more than 10% market share), data is siloed into closed on-prem databases, and healthcare innovation is slower than ever. NexHealth is one of the few companies in the space today disrupting this status quo. And we are not asking for permission. We’re opening up EHR systems and patient records to patients, doctors, and developers. If you’re curious “How?”, “Is this safe?”, or “Is this legal?” we’d love to talk! :) Today, we integrate with 35+ EHRs, 100+ developers, have 8M patients, and over 3K+ doctors on our platform.

  • Customer Comes First

    Historically, legacy players in our space have neglected the needs of the users.

    We have three end users: doctors, patients, and developers. For each, we develop mission-critical products and features. If our product doesn’t work, people lose revenue, time, and most importantly, care. For doctors, we’re developing CRM and Marketing automation tools so they can use their EHR data to grow their businesses. For patients, we’re modernizing the entire patient experience end-to-end. We’re making it easier for them to access care, communicate, and even pay their doctors! For developers, we’re making it easier for them to build apps and tools without needing to integrate with 30+ separate on-prem EHR vendors.

    Historically, legacy players in the industry have neglected the needs of their users with badly designed on-prem software, expensive customer support costs, and closed systems. The basics, like an intuitive user experience or free support, is not common in our industry (see below).

    We’re looking to not only bring the healthcare industry to the 21st century, but also change the image of what a healthcare technology company looks like. We always put the needs of our users before the needs of the company, or even ourselves. We believe that as long as we put the customers first, we’ll always win. Happy customers are always a winning strategy.

    Being customer-obsessed, our customer success team falls under and reports to our engineering team. Our customer success team is included in our daily stand-ups, we sync every week, and every month. Customer success talks to our end users day to day, so it only makes sense that the department falls under engineering. This way, engineering and the customer are always in sync.

    Our NPS today is 76 (two points higher than Apple’s!), which means our efforts are working. However, like any growing company, we also have many challenges. We believe the best way we can solve our challenges is by attracting and retaining the best talent possible.

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    Everyone on our team has a real sense of urgency.

    We push to production every day. We shift priorities every day or week based on customer needs. We’re a fast-growing company where our growth is ahead of our team size. This may seem chaotic, but it’s by design and helps us avoid the sunk cost fallacy. We’re not afraid to change priorities after gaining new insights or gathering new information. This, overall, helps us move faster as a company.

    Our product roadmap and priorities are determined by customer needs every month and prioritized by our founders who own the product responsibilities at NexHealth. We have a north star we follow. We have a 6-month, 1-year, 5-year, 10-years, and 20-year long timeline of what we want to achieve. However, we don’t plan roadmaps beyond 1 month. This allows us to adapt and execute quickly as new information comes in while never losing sight of our north star: we are always working in the same direction of our mission and overall vision for NexHealth.

  • Rapidly Growing Team

    We’re a cash flow-positive business that recently raised $7M. We’re looking to grow to 70 employees (including 20 new engineers!) by the end of 2020.

    What’s fueling our growth? User demand.

    Our users are organically signing up for our product faster than we expected (a good problem to have!) and we’re quickly expanding our team in order to keep up. We believe we have a 2-3-year window to take the market and aim to reach $100M ARR within that time frame. We’re eager to bring on new team members to support our current SaaS product, EHR integrations, external API, and also focus on new initiatives.

    NexHealth is at a really exciting inflection point. We're building digital infrastructure for people and their doctors, and the global coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the need for a product like NexHealth more than ever. Whether you’re passionate about overcoming COVID-19 or the general healthcare space, looking to join a cash flow-positive tech startup, or simply interested in building better solutions for you and the people you know, we hope you’ll check out our open roles and reach out.

  • Bonded by Love for Product

    We started the company because we realized there needed to be a platform for people, their doctors, and developers.

    Today, the healthcare market has no data interoperability. Data is siloed in on-prem EHRs (80% of the market). Patients don’t have access to their doctors or their data. Doctors don’t have access to patients. Developers don’t have access to patient data.

    We’re laying the foundation and infrastructure to connect people with their doctors and third-party developers. This means NexHealth has the potential to be the infrastructure where all digital healthcare innovation is built on. If this excites you, we want you on our team!

  • Open Communication

    We encourage positive dissension, contrarianism, and toe-stepping.

    We share all company data with all employees except for the company’s bank balance. Our bank balance is the only data point you do not need in order to move fast and make decisions that’s best for our users. We believe we can move fast, work on the best ideas, and uniformly move the company forward if all team members are armed with the proper information and everyone is allowed to dissent and step on toes.

    In your first week, you will get access to our Chartmogul. In addition to monthly all hands where you get to hear from leadership and ask questions, our CEO and founder, Alamin, will send you a weekly email every Sunday summarizing revenue numbers, user feedback, good news, and bad news from the week. He’ll also share our goals, how close we are to achieving those goals, team highlights, and any other relevant information in these weekly updates.

    This way, on Monday, you have the proper context and data to make decisions quickly that puts our customers first.


  • Risk-Taking > Stability
  • Customer Comes First
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Rapidly Growing Team
  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • Open Communication

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 6 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 1 Manager

Vacation Policy

Unlimited, or in other words, no vacation policy yet.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Python, SQL, Postgres, Docker, AWS

Interview Process

1. Phone screen with CEO and founder

2. On-site with CTO and founder, Waleed, and 1 engineer

3. Reference checks

4. Offer