Engineering Team at Redbubble

Redbubble is creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, bringing more creativity into the world. It begins with 700,000 independent artists. A global community making their creations available on awesome stuff like tees, cases, throw pillows, and more. Whatever your thing, Redbubble has an uncommon design that smacks you right in the heart.

Job Openings at Redbubble

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Committed to Personal Growth

    Growth to us is giving Bubblers their wings, be it craft mastery, leading, or mentorship.

    One common trait among Bubblers is a hunger for learning. Everyone works on everything, and if you don’t know how to do something, you’ll gain access to knowledge through mentorship, training, and professional development.

    Redbubble has a structured format for guiding personal growth and the engineering team even determines compensation using a development framework, rather than negotiation skills or salary history. This helps us avoid those really awkward and uncomfortable salary negotiations while creating a level playing ground for all to succeed.

  • High Quality Code Base

    We believe in delivering the best.

    We invest in quality code by making it a priority and building it into our process, even setting aside a dedicated 25% of time for engineers to address technical concerns. At every planning meeting, we prioritize engineering work in addition to our product work. Our process emphasizes code quality through pair programming, and continuous refactoring as we add features. Throughout our interview process, we look for candidates who care about writing clear, maintainable code, and ask questions about their approach to testing and refactoring. We take pride in keeping things transparent around here with regularly scheduled showcases with key members talking about features and releases.

  • Continuous Delivery

    We like to keep the wheels turning.

    We believe in continuous delivery and deployment so that we can address the most pressing user needs and get rapid feedback on our work. We release often (multiple times a day) in incremental changes to our production environments. We also value test-driven development, and this gives us the confidence to release on such a frequent cycle. We use GitHub to manage our code, Buildkite to deploy our code, and our comprehensive test suite runs in a few minutes.

  • Team is Diverse

    We’re different, we’re diverse, and we’re mastering the art of thinking independently together.

    We are always working on showcasing the best talent across all backgrounds because having diverse team members enriches our experiences of learning and working together. It’s also a great force towards creativity. Our teammates represent different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds, and religious beliefs. The Engineering team celebrates female leadership and we encourage growth in those roles, not because we need to fill a quota, but because they deserve it out of merit.

    We realize we have a long way to go, but we dream of the day when 50% of our Senior Engineering Leaders are from an underrepresented category. To continue to level the playing field for underrepresented backgrounds, we’re really excited to have partnerships with Techtonica, Make School, and Code Like a Girl.

  • Open Communication

    Transparency is fair-ency.

    We work together every day in a shared space, making communication easy and constant. While we make heavy use of Slack, we like to go analog from time to time because face to face communication is never forgotten. When teammates hit roadblocks, others are available to answer questions or bounce around ideas. Every week there is structured time for reflection: general retrospectives and agile forums. The topics covered in these discussions are determined together by the team. As far as planning and execution, we revisit our backlog each week, with a rotating facilitator to share the workload and help every team member engage with our plan. In fact, we rotate the facilitator for each recurring meeting, encouraging engagement and experimentation with different communication styles.

    Transparency and open communication are principles we value across the company as a whole, too. All of our office locations regularly host AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) with members of our Senior Leadership Team. Dialogue among various departments and functions is strongly supported through Slack channels and inter-office travel as well.

  • Pair Programs

    Pairing is caring about the high quality code we push out.

    High collaboration means working together. Each morning during our stand up, we decide on pairs, either at random or continuing with the previous days pairs. Pairing is a daily practice, so team members are expected to be open to it and participate. At Redbubble, we see Pairing as a practice that encourages mentorship and development. Soloing happens some of the time, but typically on matters that wouldn’t require the most innovative solutions. That being said, it’s also okay for team members to say, “I’d like to solo today,” and everyone will respect that choice.

  • Heavily Team Oriented

    There is no I in team. But there is a “me.” We celebrate individuals and their unique strengths, but also recognize that collaboration makes our teams more innovative.

    We encourage collaboration among our teams in San Francisco, Melbourne, and Berlin to work on solving problems together by bringing their unique experiences and thoughts to the table. We believe that by working together we find the best solution and produce a greater quality of work. Our track record over the last 12 years can speak for itself. Teamwork also enables our Bubblers to feel a sense of belonging, togetherness, and a deep commitment to one another and their team goals. Whether it’s through inter-office travel, slack, or a trusty Google Meet, you will certainly get to know your teammates well.

  • Work/Life Balance

    We respect you and your personal life.

    We want you to enjoy your life outside of work at Redbubble. Typical hours are 9-5 and while you’re here, we want you to be excited about the work you are doing. Once you’re out the door, we respect your personal time. Late nights are extremely rare, and working weekends are unheard of. We are also experimenting with teammates working remotely and from home, with team members driving the experimentation. We encourage you to look after yourself, physically and mentally, which is why we have a health and well-being rebate and mindfulness programs. A better and more balanced you is a happy you! What do we do for fun? Our team members boast an assortment of hobbies, including bicycling, cooking, singing and songwriting, city exploration, photography, jiu jitsu, field hockey, beagles, cats and lizards. What do you do for fun?


  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • High Quality Code Base
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Team is Diverse
  • Open Communication
  • Pair Programs
  • Heavily Team Oriented
  • Work/Life Balance

Company Properties

  • B2C

Team Members

  • 1 MEL: CTO
  • 58 MEL: Engineers
  • 2 MEL: IT
  • 9 MEL: Product Designers
  • 8 MEL: Product Managers
  • 5 SF: Engineers
  • 1 SF: Head of Engineering
  • 2 SF: IT
  • 1 SF: Product Designer
  • 1 SF: Product Manager

Vacation Policy

We’re firm believers that you can have your vacation time and take it too. (We do.) Redbubble offers 20 days off a year.

Tech Stack

Back End: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Elixir, Golang, Scala. Front End: ReactJS, GraphQL. DevOps: Kubernetes. Cloud: AWS, GCP. Mobile: Swift, Android.

Interview Process

In San Francisco, we start off with a Talent Team screen to find out what candidates are passionate about, followed by a meet+greet with our Head of Engineering. A coding take-home challenge is then passed along. Once reviewed, we invite candidates on-site for a Pair Programming Observation, Whiteboarding/Technical exercise, and a non-Engineering chat, followed by a Skills and Impact Assessment. Easy breezy.

The process in Melbourne is virtually the same with a Talent Screen, take home challenge, Pair Programming Observation, Whiteboarding, a product and process interview, and a non-Engineering chat, followed by a Skills and Impact Assessment. Regardless of location, we have a structured interview process based around fairness and equity.