Engineering at Render

At Render we are building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Render offers the flexibility of traditional cloud providers without their complexity and maintenance headaches so developers and businesses can focus on building products instead of managing servers. With tens of thousands of customers and rapidly increasing revenue, we’re on to something big.

Job Openings at Render

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Customer Comes First

    Render is a cloud platform built by software developers for software developers.

    We’re solving a problem we’re intimately familiar with, giving our product and business a unique edge. Traditionally, when deploying applications in production, developers are forced to pick between two extremes: expensive yet simplistic platforms, or complicated, do-it-all-yourself services. Instead, Render takes care of all the laborious work upfront, minimizing the amount of thinking, reading, and clicking Render customers need to do. This makes it easy to get up and running quickly while simultaneously allowing applications to scale and increase in complexity over time, preventing a transition to DIY infrastructure. For example, during the height of the pandemic, many high-growth startups relied on Render to address rapidly changing business needs. We’re giving precious time back to our customers so they can focus on what really matters to their business.

    We rely heavily on customer feedback and treat Render customers the way we'd like to be treated. We read every tweet, respond to questions from our community, and keep track of what our roadmap to be successful on Render. Moreover, all our full-stack engineers participate in both on-call and support engineering rotations. Customer service is core to UX and a big differentiator in a crowded market like ours.

  • Team is Diverse

    We’re intentional about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

    We know employing a team rich in diverse lived experiences allows our employees, our product, and our community to flourish. We recognize diversity is more than the common categories of gender, race, and physical ability.

    While we could rattle off a list of boxes our team checks, to us, diversity is more complex than a box – boxes don't account for intersectional identities, nor does seeking a specific number within each box help individuals thrive once they've arrived in our organization: that's where inclusion and belonging come in. We also reflect on our processes regularly to incorporate feedback and address evolving needs. So, here's how we show up:

    • A thoughtful and respectful hiring process. This is not a gatekeeping exercise: we actively seek new perspectives to learn from regardless of background. We aim to represent daily responsibilities in our questions and exercises. We do our best to ensure you feel comfortable enough to show us your strengths. We are flexible where possible to account for different life circumstances (i.e. offering the option to take an assignment home or complete it live). We expect this to be a mutual process where you are counter-interviewing us.
    • Structured onboarding. We iterate on this with every new hire, but we approach onboarding like interviewing: deliver clear expectations with the requisite support (i.e. dedicated onboarding buddies) and maintain a welcoming environment to ensure success. We value new hires not only for their ability to help grow the business, but also because they're in the best position to draw attention to outdated processes, missing documentation, or needed context.
    • Open lines of communication to leadership. It's not just that leaders make themselves available to employees – they are actively engaged. Render's leaders offer transparency into company challenges, wins, and seek input within and outside their area of expertise. Learn more about our CEO, Anurag Goel, and VP of Engineering, Uma Chingunde.
    • A commitment to compensation parity. Our leadership regularly reviews and compares internal compensation to market data. Fairness is an important principle for us and this ensures we maintain consistency between new and existing Renders in the same role.
  • Committed to Personal Growth

    Renders are incessantly curious about technology and people.

    Two of Render's core personal attributes drive our unified commitment to personal growth: Continuous Learning and Candor with Empathy. We sustain world-class performance by picking up concepts and ideas quickly and as needed. We believe in a growth mindset and in providing an environment where everyone can learn and thrive.

    You'll have the opportunity to accelerate your own growth by working at a small startup like ours. We encourage you to try new things and gain experiences unavailable in larger organizations (see our Start-to-Finish Ownership and Safe Environment to Fail sections for more). Here are a few ways we support personal growth:

    • We sponsor work-related training, conferences, workshops, and resources. Case in point: 100% of our full-stack engineering team completed the Kubernetes Administrator course and are now certified.
    • We follow a highly collaborative process. All projects are well-staffed and deliberately cross-functional to allow collaborative learning – a typical project will involve someone from the full-stack, design, user experience, and support teams.
    • We use a lightweight review process. This is true across all stages of our product life cycle – from design documents to code.
    • We’re feedback driven. We value taking the time to give each other consistent recognition and feedback through various channels including Slack, team meetings (where we all reflect on the week's highs and lows), and a blameless incident review process.
  • Safe Environment to Fail

    Failure and mistakes are healthy as long as we're making new ones.

    If we're not failing at all, we’re not taking enough risks or pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Being eventually correct is much better than being consistently incorrect, and we focus on getting to the right answer through reflection and discussion, instead of trying to be right the first time. We know we’ll make mistakes along the way, but we believe each failure should be examined dispassionately, objectively, and without blame. Instead, we treat each misstep as an opportunity to improve. An environment of mutual trust and respect empowers us to debate ideas effectively and create the best outcomes for our customers and our team.

    Listen to our VP of Engineering, Uma Chingunde, share her strategies on how to cultivate a blameless culture here.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Whether it’s spearheading a feature or helping with hiring initiatives, you’ll own every project you take on.

    We're a small company of mostly full-stack engineers. We review all major code changes through pull requests and are always pushing ourselves to do better. Since we iterate quickly and deploy to production several times a day, we have complete, end-to-end ownership for every project and expect the same from you. Here are a few of the exciting projects you might work on:

    • Create fun open source projects and documentation in multiple languages and frameworks to demo Render's features.
    • Enable Render's Kubernetes clusters to run on other clouds (they currently run on Google Cloud Platform and AWS) and eventually in our own data-centers. You will also allow our users to connect Render resources with their private networks in AWS/GCP.
    • Create an effortless functions-as-a-service abstraction on Render and enable per-request billing for containerized resources.
    • Build managed Object Storage, MySQL, and Redis for Render users.
    • Contribute to hiring initiatives such as the development or new iterations of interview processes, conducting interviews (with training), or attending recruiting events.
    • Attend conferences or partner meetings where you will present your work. Check out our engineer, Sean Doughty, demo at the RedwoodJS Meetup!
  • High Quality Code Base

    We take pride in maintaining a high quality code base.

    Central to our values of high integrity and a sustainable work culture, we invest in keeping tech debt to a minimum and maintaining a high quality code base from the beginning. Not only does a high quality code base keep our on-call rotation reasonable, but it also limits the time we spend fixing broken or flaky parts. This means we can focus the majority of our time on feature development for our customers. To ensure a high quality codebase we:

    • Review all code changes, at a default by two peers.
    • Have a mature product lifecycle where larger projects have a scoping, design, user feedback and implementation phase – each of which requires peer feedback.
    • Continuously triage and prioritize our feature and bug backlogs.
    • Implement a blameless but thorough and educational incident review process.
  • Continuous Delivery

    Shipping is our heartbeat.

    We have built a continuous integration system and strongly believe that our shipping velocity differentiates us from our peers. As an engineer, you can expect to push to production multiple times a day. We have a lightweight process to ship through the different stages of our pipeline and no explicit separate release is needed.

    We also run a mature test suite on all code commits, which we monitor continuously with failures fixed within a certain SLA. Tests take minutes to run with an expectation that they should be fast, reliable, and not the long pole to pushing features.

    Check out our changelog, which we recently introduced to detail features as they are rolled out. We keep a tight feedback loop with our users, and build all features with them in mind.

  • High Employee Retention

    Render is a place where you can grow your career.

    Most startups aren't known for high employee retention, but if it wasn't obvious by now, we're not like most startups. Commitment and ownership are core qualities you'll find in each of us, which is part of why Render is a place where people want to stay and grow their careers. We strive to create a supportive work environment based on mutual respect and continuous learning through regular 1:1s, team meetings, and Slack discussions driven by empathy and candor. We also offer an equitable compensation model. This includes regular compensation parity reviews, employee-friendly stock option exercise windows, and generous benefits for you, your future, and your loved ones. Finally, we’re in this for the long run, which means placing a premium on managing work/life balance. We take care of ourselves and actively make sure we keep the pace sustainable to avoid burnout.


  • Customer Comes First
  • Team is Diverse
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • High Quality Code Base
  • Continuous Delivery
  • High Employee Retention

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 1 Designer
  • 12 Engineers
  • 1 Product Leader
  • 3 Technical Support Engineers

Vacation Policy

We offer 4 weeks of paid vacation (available from day one) in addition to 10 paid company holidays. If you need to take care of a chore or be present for a delivery, you can work from home. Finally, while growing a family is no vacation, we're proud to offer 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all parents to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child. We will also work with you to create a supportive return plan.

Tech Stack

React, GraphQL, Go, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, TypeScript

Interview Process

We hope your experience with us reflects a thoughtful process that is illuminative, enjoyable, and respectful of your time. That’s why we uniquely craft the interview process for each role, based on carefully thought-out job descriptions and rigorous competency-based rubrics. You’ll always know who you’ll meet and the session’s area of focus beforehand.