Engineering Team at Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower provides key metrics for everyone involved in the mobile ecosystem. Whether you’re a mobile app developer, a financial institution performing mobile market research, or a large brand thinking about your mobile initiatives, we are your one-stop shop for due diligence. Mobile app revenue grew by 15.4% from H1 2018 ($34.4B) to H1 2019 ($39.7B) – and we’re excited to continue in our mission: To Be the Trusted Source of Mobile Insights.

Job Openings at Sensor Tower

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Customer Comes First

    Unlike venture startups, we’ve grown because our customers find value in our products.

    As an engineering team, we care deeply about how our customers and end users use our product. We focus on providing the right balance between ease of use and power-user oriented features. What this means is that engineers aren't building something just because their manager says so, but instead, everyone understands the use cases and how what they're working on brings value to the end users. By using the product and understanding our customer’s goals and behavior, we come to know the technology within this scope better than almost anyone else in the industry, and can therefore provide the best suggestions and strategies for how to solve problems.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Whether you’re an individual contributor or working on a team of 3, your product is basically like an independent business.

    From ideation to execution to QA to maintenance to marketing, engineers really own the entire process end to end. Full ownership not only enables us to ship quickly (because you won't need to wait on code reviews or for product to sign off on your work), but it also hits on the best part of engineering: the high of creating, building, and shipping. Here is an example of what one of our engineers (Rahul Murmuria) designed, implemented, and deployed. Or take a look at Ad Intelligence below – which Dmitry Filimonov led the team in building – to provide app developers with insights to the marketing strategies of their competitors.

    You can expect to build and ship a product every month or so.

    Engineers here are energized by quickly iterating on ideas and then delivering products for our customers to use. As engineers ourselves, we understand that knowing how much impact your feature or product will have on your user(s) is the best motivation, and we want to keep it that way. We don’t enforce deadlines because the desire to help our enterprise customers (like Zynga, SuperCell, or Google) make better, more informed decisions about their next investment is what fuels us. (We're pretty excited when we get press shoutouts too.)

  • Data-Driven

    We believe that data and metrics are the foundation of building trust and making impactful decisions.

    We strive for integrity and accuracy to ensure that quality data is delivered to the market. We are metrics-driven in our decision-making both internally and externally. We want to make sure the decisions we make - we make with data and metrics backing it. We have Amplitude, Google Analytics, and Custom Grafana dashboards set up so that we can constantly monitor the effects of the changes that we make. We spent countless hours making sure we can trust the internal metrics, and that people have the metrics in place as their north star as they go about their day-to-day.

    What is the overall company revenue? A lot of companies actually can’t answer this question. Arriving at a number that can be trusted can be very difficult because of different currencies, custom deal structures, and various payment methods. We constantly monitor and validate our north star metrics (Daily Active Users, Revenue, Press mentions) and discuss our progress during our bi-weekly All Hands meeting.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    Please work whenever you’re most productive. That’s what we do.

    On any given weekday, you’ll find engineers who are at the office at 9am and occasionally, some that stay until 9pm. Alex and Oliver (co-founders and engineers themselves) set the example by having different schedules and working from different places within the office or sometimes, from home. If you want to stake out in a private office one day and work from couch to couch the next, you’re more than welcome to. We purposefully do not have many scheduled, regular meetings so you don’t need to schedule too much around those. The best engineering work comes from providing some structure and some freedom so that you can decide what works best for you.

  • Friends Outside of Work

    You should only work with people you'd share a chair lift with.

    It’s not uncommon for people to play board games or video games together after dinner, or just hang out before heading home. We have company-wide events every quarter (think a weekend in Tahoe, escape rooms, white water rafting, or flying trapeze) and people at the company are constantly organizing outings of their own. One of the best things about being a small company is that everyone knows one another and social connectedness makes coming into work something to look forward to.)

  • Thoughtful Office Layout

    We’ve tailored our office space so that you can easily transition between focusing, collaborating, and socializing.

    We were very particular when we last looked for new office spaces. The number one priority was finding a space that had a set of rooms for our engineering and data teams to work quietly, undisturbed by other departments. Today, engineers and data scientists work in adjacent rooms which facilitates spontaneous collaboration but also allows each team to find privacy when they need to. Our sales team is seated together on the opposite end, near the common area because half the time, they’re visiting customers, on a call, or grabbing lunch with potential prospects. We have multiple communal areas for people to hang out or brainstorm, as well as a number of unoccupied conference rooms for more formal meetings or impromptu work sessions that require a quiet, uninterrupted space.

    It might sound trivial but it really isn’t. Part of doing your best work means having the freedom to create your own schedule and the ability to structure your ideal work environment. We’re thoughtful about every big decision at Sensor Tower. Choosing the right office space was no different.

  • Committed to Personal Growth

    As part of having a flatter organization, managers focus on pushing the power of authority down to others instead of pushing down information and communication messages.

    We genuinely want to see everyone on our team grow, learn, and mature during their time at Sensor Tower. As an engineer, you don’t need to work at a given company, you should want to work there. We are especially conscious of this because we are a self-funded company. We don’t hire for the sake of growing our numbers and improving optics for investors. We don’t believe that hyper-growth without profitability is how we should measure success. Our focus and investments are in our team and in our product, because those are the foundation for healthy, sustained growth.

  • Open Source Contributor

    We try as much as possible to give back to the open source community because so much of our work is dependent on it.

    The best reward is people using and benefiting from our work. If it helps us be more efficient, we are thrilled to hear it’s helping others be the same. When it comes to open source, the proof is in the pudding. Check out our open source project for Sidekiq Throttled (which is concurrency and threshold throttling for Sidekiq) or our daterangepicker (gif below).


  • Customer Comes First
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Data-Driven
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Friends Outside of Work
  • Thoughtful Office Layout
  • Committed to Personal Growth
  • Open Source Contributor

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 5 Data Scientists
  • 1 Director of Engineering
  • 4 Engineers (on-site)
  • 5 Engineers (remote)
  • 1 Technical Product Manager

Vacation Policy

We don't count your vacation days because we trust that you will take them when your work allows you to.

Tech Stack

Rails, MongoDB, Knockout, Go, AWS

Interview Process

You'll begin by connecting with our Technical Recruiter, Jason ([email protected]). You’ll then be assigned a coding challenge, taken at your convenience, which consists of 3 questions to be completed in 175 minutes. If all goes well, we’ll invite you on-site to meet with members of our engineering team as well as with our co-founders.

Lastly, we’ll schedule a follow-up call in the case that there’s any concerns or questions raised from the on-site on either end (you or us). That finalizes the process! We’ll be making a decision within 24 to 48 hours.