Engineering Team at Signal

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

Job Openings at Signal

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Customer Comes First

    We are “customer comes first” in the sense that we are not a profit-seeking entity.

    We place the privacy and security of our users before all other concerns. Design and product decisions are driven by what will benefit our users. Our goal is to defeat mass surveillance and protect our users’ privacy. We are popular among journalists, leakers, politicians, activists, dissidents, and security professionals, but we also serve the general public. Our work is open source, so we engage our customers through Github, on social media and through our support staff. Engineers often interact with customers. Customer feedback has a significant influence on our roadmap.

  • Impressive Team Members

    Our mission is to defeat mass surveillance and protect our users’ privacy.

    Our founder is Moxie Marlinspike and our technology - the Signal Protocol - has been adopted by WhatsApp (the largest messaging platform in the world), Facebook Messenger, and Google Allo. It protects a billion daily active users through WhatsApp alone.

    We’re open to hiring people from a wide range of backgrounds. You don’t need any particular expertise in security or encryption. We’re looking for experienced designers and engineers with a passion for delivering simple, elegant and reliable software. Meet some of our current team members here:

    You can learn more about our team by checking out our activity on GitHub. You can also learn more about our work and mission in Wired, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

  • Wears Many Hats

    Engineers are involved in design and product decisions, defining the roadmap, prioritizing work on a day-to-day basis, hiring, and everything else in between.

    We have an informal, “bottom-up” organizational style where all employees participate in making significant decisions. Engineers have significant opportunities to be proactive. As an example, here’s our process for defining our roadmap. We’re a mostly remote team, so we gather in person once a quarter and spend an entire day deciding what to take on next. Every team member will come up with 10-20 proposals, large or small. We then collectively evaluate their benefits and costs and then decide upon a sequence of milestones for the coming quarter.

  • Ideal for Parents

    Currently only a single employee is a parent, but we have “flex time”.

    Our team is almost entirely remote, so employees can work wherever they want to. For parents, this likely ends up being from home. We don’t ask people to work at the same time so having flexibility in both where you work and when you work is great for parents. Matthew (who is both an iOS engineer and dad) says, “I personally find Signal to be a place where I can take time off to care for my sick child, make doctor’s appointments, and attend teacher conferences. I'm not sure what else there is to say. I've never had a better employer in terms of being a parent. I work regular, reasonable (~45 hours/week), and have flexible hours.”

  • Work/Life Balance

    Employment is full-time and we need to be available to collaborate with each other during most of the work day. Within those limits, employees set their own hours.

    Most employees work something like 9am to 6pm in their local timezone. Sometimes we’ll work at night during an emergency, but that’s truly rare. There’s no “crunch time”, you won’t be answering messages on your phone all night or on the weekends, despite us being scattered in different timezones. Everyone on the team believes in the mission and is self-motivated. You won’t burn out.

  • Fast-Paced Environment

    We tend to ship a major feature about once a month.

    We’re a small, agile team moving very quickly. We collectively decide what to build, and once we’ve decided what to build, there isn’t a lot of red tape or obstacles. We believe in our mission: to defeat mass surveillance and protect our users’ privacy. We’re motivated to fulfill the promise of our project and deliver for our users.

    We've recently shipped:

    • Voice and video calls
    • Voice messages aka voice notes
    • Improved user verification process
    • Muting
    • Blocking
    • Support for sending any file type as an attachment
    • Improved onboarding
    • Profiles
    • Copy and paste of attachments
    • And much more...
  • Light Meetings

    You won’t be stuck in meetings. You’ll be shipping.

    We have 3 all-hands stand-up meetings every week, which usually take 20 minutes, but can last up to an hour if an interesting discussion arises. We have weekly sprint planning which take about an hour. Some teams have an additional short stand-up, but each team determines their own process. It’s a great place to work if you enjoy being productive.

    Nearly all employees are remote. We have an office in SF, but only one employee is there every day. Our team is scattered across the continental US in SFO, SEA, SLC, NYC, PHL, etc. We communicate through our own messaging platform - Signal - and through video calls and Google hangouts.


  • Customer Comes First
  • Impressive Team Members
  • Wears Many Hats
  • Ideal for Parents
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Fast-Paced Environment
  • Light Meetings

Company Properties

  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 2 Android engineers
  • 1 CEO, founder, engineer, and security
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Desktop engineer
  • 2 Project managers and support
  • 1 Service engineer
  • 2 iOS engineers

Vacation Policy

3 weeks.

Tech Stack

iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java. Desktop team: Electron, web stack (js, css, etc.). Service team: Java, AWS, devops.

Interview Process

Interview process is a series of 1-hour hangouts, scheduled separately. Candidates will speak with most if not all current employees. We strive to create a hiring process that is non-discriminatory.