Product Team at TeamUp

TeamUp is all-in-one business management software for yoga, pilates, CrossFit, dance, and other fitness businesses. We handle payments, scheduling, and memberships, and constantly work on ways to help people run better businesses.

Job Openings at TeamUp

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Product-Driven

    We exist to help people run better small fitness studios.

    TeamUp is a booking engine that handles millions of class registrations and waitlists, and also processes hundreds of millions of dollars across multiple countries, currencies, and payment processing methods.

    At a glance, people may view our product as a member management CRM, but we’re really so much more than that. We build features to empower our instructors and business owners, and constantly work towards improving their users’ experience. As one example, we recently asked ourselves: “How can we let each business decide when and how to collect relevant information from their members?” For instance, a studio with a pre-natal offering might ask for a due date before registrations for that class only. Our system of custom fields and questionnaires helps businesses collect relevant information from their customers, and then use that information to deliver the best experience possible.

    We are proud to serve so many CrossFit gyms across Europe and the United States, and we’ve even sponsored CrossFit events. Below is a photo from one we sponsored in Spain:

  • Customer Comes First

    We want to empower people to run the best possible versions of their business and be the best business people they can be.

    Our typical customer runs a fitness studio offering group classes. Think: CrossFit, yoga, pilates, dance, bootcamps, etc. The vast majority of our customers started from a passion for their craft, and a history of improving people’s lives through health and fitness. We tend to serve and partner with more passionate-yoga-instructors-who-open-their-own-studio businesses versus globo gyms.

    We’re incredibly proud to make a real difference in the lives of these small business owners and instructors. Our NPS is in the high 60s, and our scores and comments often look like the following:

    • 10 “Easy to use great for business. But most importantly the customer service is amazing”
    • 10 “Excellent customer service, super easy to use platform :)”
    • 10 “It has everything I need of a booking system, and when I needed customer services, they were super helpful!”

    (Those are literally three responses from the first page!)

    I’m sure we have more effusive/high impact quotes, but they all have this theme: product and service are great. We take great pride in that. We’re always looking for ways to be more efficient and streamlined, but the goal will never be 100% self-service. Our Customer Success team will always offer 1-1 setup calls with customers. We will always do account setup checks and reach out to make sure customers are getting the most from TeamUp.

    We work hard to make our product top notch, but understand that our customers value the ability to speak to someone who really understands their business and who really understands our product. As a result, we really know our customers, and that drives our product development.

    Below: TeamUp’s Customer Team at their last meetup in London.

  • Light Meetings

    We’re on the Maker’s Schedule.

    We like deep work and see meetings as ways to get people on the same page and remove blockers. Most of our communication is done over Slack and in Basecamp, where people have time to read, digest, and think about a response. We also do plenty of ad hoc video calls when that makes sense.

    We currently don’t have any regularly scheduled meetings in engineering. As the team grows, we’ll likely add a bit more structure here. However, we will always prioritize deep work and will never meet just to meet.

  • Bonded by Love for Product

    We’re probably biased, but our product is really cool.

    As studio- and gym-goers ourselves, it is incredibly rewarding to be able to write code that immediately improves the lives of the people we interact with. We’re building a product for the instructors who teach the classes we ourselves attend – getting real feedback from them is so motivating and energizing.

    While we’re not working on cutting-edge technology, our product has a lot of surface area and we’re putting together a lot of different pieces. We’re processing hundreds of millions of dollars across multiple countries, currencies, and payment processing methods (which is exhilarating on its own!), but this is just the starting point. Beyond that, we have to figure out what data is important, what information to share, and how to provide a smooth experiences for our customers and also their customers.

    One example of something we’re currently working on is identifying how we can help make instructors more effective. Does having more information about the people attending your class before they arrive help? Do fitness instructors want to know their clients’ birthdays ahead of time? Or of their history of injuries or relevant experience/skills prior to class? (These are rhetorical. ;) We know that instructors want this information, and we’re working on providing them with simple ways to collect, organize, store, and access that data!)

  • High Quality Code Base

    Our roadmap is ambitious, but we don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

    In our early days (circa 2011), we shipped code with the sole goal of meeting customers’ needs as quickly as possible. Back then, we had no choice but to ship one-week versions of features even when they had loads of technical debt. We focused on surviving to the next day and racing against declining bank balances. However, TeamUp now has the luxury of profitability. With founders and directors who code, we are deliberate about what technical debt we take on, and are always thoughtful about budgeting sufficient time to pay it off.

    We still ship as quickly and as often as we can today, but we balance that with specs and research, comprehensive unit testing, internal feedback loops, and code reviews. While we’ve matured out of working out of desperation, we’ve maintained our sense of urgency. We use Github Flow and do thorough code reviews, and we’re not afraid to prototype something in code, discuss in a pull request, then throw it out to start over again.

    We see our own engineering skills and processes as a WIP. We prioritize learning, refactoring, and cleaning up technical debt. We think long term about the engineer who will read our code a year from now. We’re always improving our documentation and testing skills. We want to hire engineers who prioritize those things too. We want to hire people who get excited about writing code that someone else will be delighted to read.

  • Ideal for Parents

    More than half of us are parents, including our cofounder, Matt.

    On a team like ours, you won’t need to explain doing school runs during the day. People leave during the day when they need to and anyone can stagger their schedules around family time or other personal commitments.

    Tim, our Partnerships manager and father of 4, said: “TeamUp’s family friendly focus has meant me being present in my kids lives as they have grown. This value is embodied in our culture, and I’m proud to be part of such a forward looking and positive environment. It’s meant a lot to me personally to be part of a hard working team that doesn’t mean sacrificing the moments in your life that you don’t get back.”

    Yaz from the Customer Success Team said, “I love working for TeamUp as a working parent. It allows me the flexibility I need to work around my family life without feeling guilt or pressure that other employment has caused. Holidays and child illnesses have and will always be difficult to manage. However, not with TeamUp! I don’t feel the pressure or stress to look after my family the same way I would have if working in an office. I feel like I am a valued member of the team where I’m given the freedom for flexible working. Although it is rare, if you need to leave early one day, you know you can make up the hours another time to fit in with the team.”

  • Cross-Department Collaboration

    The collaboration between Product and Customer Success is our X factor.

    Our Product team is currently made up of two people: the founders. Matt and I (Tom) are both engineers and we have a weekly standing meeting with our Customer Success team to discuss customer feedback (what’s going well, what’re they struggling with). We are incredibly proud of our Customer Success team, which is composed of seven incredible people who are distributed and true experts of our customers’ businesses. While we’ve built a self-serve onboarding process for new customers, we maintain that providing high-quality support from real humans is the key to satisfied and loyal users. (Our NPS scores are always in the high 60’s!)

    We lean heavily on Customer Success to know what to build and how to build it. They are heavily involved in giving feedback on specs, and during feature development, we always have a staging server so that they can thoroughly test and give us feedback. All new engineering and product hires can expect to work closely with our Customer Success team.

  • Supports Physical Wellness

    It’s common for us to get a workout in during the middle of the day.

    Everyone at TeamUp has a monthly gym allowance and we fully embrace a culture of health. Our customers are in the business of improving people’s lives through fitness and wellness, and we take that seriously. It makes sense that our company is centered on this given how TeamUp was founded: Tom and Matt, both software engineers, met over 10 years ago when they were captains of MIT’s varsity heavyweight crew team. They bonded over the physical fitness and lamented over the inefficiencies at fitness studios. The rest is history.

    If physical wellness is important to you, you’ll have plenty of support and encouragement from our founders. On most days, Tom takes a break to run, swim, or take a yoga class, and Matt has been in an out of CrossFit over the years. We know firsthand how effective workouts can be to give you a fresh look at an old problem. The solution to frustrating bugs miraculously reveal themselves after a good sweat.

    When team members do take classes at fitness studios, they’re encouraged to observe how the business itself runs. Of course, it’s also fine to turn off the “work brain” completely and just enjoy your workout, too!


  • Product-Driven
  • Customer Comes First
  • Light Meetings
  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • High Quality Code Base
  • Ideal for Parents
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Supports Physical Wellness

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Self-Funded
  • Technical Founder(s)
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 7 Customer Success Managers
  • 2 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 1 Mobile Engineer
  • 1 Partnerships Manager

Vacation Policy

20 days, including holidays (we have people in multiple countries, so it’s hard to standardize holidays). There’s some flexibility here too.

Tech Stack

Django, Vue.js, Bootstrap

Interview Process

(1) Apply. (2) Phone screen. (3) 4-hour onsite.