Engineering Team at WineDirect

WineDirect offers solutions for managing winery websites including ecommerce, point of sale systems, content management, and customer relationship management. Higher conversion, greater customer insight, an easy yet innovative toolset, and one connected platform allow you to sell the most wine online.

Job Openings at WineDirect

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Open Communication

    Hello, are you there?

    We are built on the foundation that all members of the team have a say in what we do and how we do it. No matter if you’re an engineer or support rep we value all opinions about what shape our product takes and what we sell. Our Atlassian workspace is open to everyone on the team. You have the ability to create a spec, groom it, ask for ideas from others and see your idea come to life. The product team is constantly reviewing our specs and assigning priority to them to set up what’s coming up next. We use Slack at WineDirect and we never leave home without it. It is our life line and the main way we contact each other whether remote or in-office.

    Did something throw you off this week? We also have a weekly retrospective meeting where we take time to reflect on what we can improve on and make repeatable for the future sprints to come. We have an office layout that encourages open dialogue. You’ll see the team join up from time to time, chatting about the next feature or discussing a current one.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    From initial client interviews to the first production bug, you’ll be there!

    We start each project with investigation and asking lots of questions. Understanding what the customer needs is key and as a coder, you’ll need to know it! Helping the design team integrate well with the back-end is another phase in this process. Making sure that there’s a good onboarding process for internal staff as well as consumers is a big part of launching a feature that you’ll need to master. Monitoring the feature and ensuring alerts and logging is set up is crucial to its longevity.

  • Safe Environment to Fail

    Failure = Information

    We jump on the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. In a world where not all problems are solved, there are bound to be answers that don’t quite hit the mark. Our customers depend on our software to be reliable, so we have many processes in place to prevent regressions. We understand that everyone on the team is human (except you SlackBot), so we’re bound to make mistakes. When we do make errors, we compile information about the instance, document it, and focus on creating preventative measures to make us more reliable.

    Here’s an example to illustrate how we handle failures. Our website’s signup form was recently hit with a malicious script to batch signup a bunch of accounts. The form didn’t include our Google Recaptcha snippet and thus, opened us up to an attack. The original programmer of the signup form was not targeted or blamed for this. Rather, the team came together to add the Google Recaptcha code. As a team, we put together a process to prevent sign ups like this from occurring in the future. Our team has each other’s back and “figuring out who pushed the bug” wasn’t on our agendas. Ultimately, we were able to create a stronger sign up experience in the process.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Ohhhhh shiny!

    Our stack includes Ruby on Rails, NodeJS/Serverless, and DynamoDB, just to name a few. We aim to increase developer velocity by using new technologies with large community resources. We realize that building applications with dated technology discourages other people from wanting to work with us and lowers our educational resources online. Open source technology has allowed us to get answers to our questions faster, which in turn has helped us build faster. We ship code everyday and are constantly rolling out new features to our customers. We decide what needs to be built and then we look at which technology will get us there the fastest. You may not have experience with the Serverless Framework, but as long as you are open to learning it, we are open to teaching it to you!

  • Promotes from Within

    We’ve learned that without the opportunity to move up in a company an employee will look other places.

    Making sure our employees continue to grow is important to us. It’s an ongoing conversation you will have with your managers and something we don’t take lightly. We make sure each person has a personalized set of long-term goals for their career path and work with them to make them happen. As we grow, you will grow alongside us. At WineDirect you can start as a Junior Developer and make your way up into a leading role or management position. We look for passion in what you do and the initiative to get things done well.Inspiring innovation in other members of the team is also looked upon very highly. We have also seen front-end developers transition into back-end developers, and customer support reps into project managers. We are open to change and the needs of our employees.

  • Friends Outside of Work

    We volunteer together and we party together. We work hard but play harder.

    Building healthy relationships between our team members is the main reason why the people that work here love what they do. Since we are in the alcohol industry, it’s safe to say that we drink together from time to time. This past year, one of our sponsors gave a few team members some free VIP music festival tickets. Speaking of tickets...we have company Whitecaps tickets! After we finish a big project we always have a big party because we realize that taking time to celebrate is important. In addition to our other “outside of work” events, every year we donate time to a non-profit. This event in particular seems to bring the team closer together with the common, united goal of helping others. And if you like to play games, we have a Settlers crew as well as an online gaming group that would love to meet you!

  • Work/Life Balance

    We make it easy to create a sustainable balance between your job and your life.

    Nico’s family is from Manila so he takes a couple months out of the year to work out there. The time change is brutal, but we have learned to adapt to this and organize ourselves accordingly. If your family isn’t overseas but you do like working from home, we have Tuesday’s and Thursday’s as remote days! Regular hours are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we are always open to accommodating you if your situation calls for a different schedule. We have a group of employees that run together during lunch break every other day. We believe staying healthy and energized creates a more productive workplace.

  • Eats Lunch Together

    We go out for lunch as a team and sometimes we order in!

    We value company culture and what better way to bring people together than over some amazing food? Stationed right in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, there are plenty of outstanding places to eat. Our legendary BBB (beer, bourbon, bacon) team outing is a magical place filled with dreams and tasty treats! You’ll have to join us to get the full experience. From company-wide Quiplash to Family Feud, lunchtime can sometimes be filled with entertaining group games. We work hard but we also play hard and we’re proud of it. We work hard but we also play hard and we’re proud of it. This keeps us fresh and ready to take on new challenges alongside people we enjoy spending time with.


  • Open Communication
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Promotes from Within
  • Friends Outside of Work
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Eats Lunch Together

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • Remote-OK

Team Members

  • 8 Customer Support Reps
  • 7 Full-Stack Engineers
  • 1 GM & VP of Ecommerce
  • 3 IT Engineers
  • 2 Product Managers
  • 2 Product Marketers
  • 3 Project Managers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • 3 Sales Reps

Vacation Policy

Unlimited Vacation (Like Netflix)

Tech Stack

Languages/Frameworks: Angular, Node, Serverless Lambda, Rails, Coldfusion

Databases: MSSQL, Aurora

Cloud Providers: AWS

Interview Process

We start with an over the phone interview which we use to briefly get to know you. After that, we send out a tech test that you can complete at home. Moving forward, we get you to come into our office and meet with some of the members of our team for a coffee or beer.