Case Study


Fiona Voss, Software Engineer at Redbubble

A few years ago, I made the transition from teaching English to coding. My first few developer jobs were mostly thanks to connections I had made from my bootcamp. Earlier in my job search, I was simply applying to anything that sounded decent. But when I was ready for my next role, I knew I was looking for more than just salary and perks.

I wanted a job where I’m genuinely happy to come to work everyday, which to me means there’s a high level of collaboration and social interaction, in addition to other specific values (like pair programming).

"I tried using other job sites like LinkedIn, but it was hard to find the mission-driven values and information about company culture that mattered to me the most at this stage in my career."

I had been following Key Values on Twitter and tried out their site. It was the only one where I could confidently discover companies that were truly aligned with my values. All the information I really cared about was there (and pretty much nowhere else).

“Another unexpected bonus was that by focusing on companies that aligned with my values, I started having more success at actually getting and passing interviews."

Redbubble’s profile really caught my eye and gave me a clear idea of what working here would be like. I saw them and thought, “I can tell they have what I’m looking for... and wow, I feel like this profile speaks directly to me!” It made me excited because I felt like I had everything they were looking for, too.

Most importantly, it made me really confident that I would be happy there. The way they work is the way I want to work. And as expected, it has been a great fit here for me. To any fellow engineers who prioritize a strong values fit in their next job, I would highly recommend trying Key Values.

Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Public company
  • 250+ employees globally
  • Hiring in San Francisco, New York, and Melbourne


  • Found and joined a company I love!
  • Been at Redbubble for 5 years and counting

About Fiona Voss

  • Software Engineer
  • Pivoted from teaching to coding
  • Had two tech jobs prior to Redbubble
  • Found Redbubble via Key Values