Engineering at Caviar

Caviar is a platform that helps you get the food you want. We partner directly with restaurants who use our technology to enable online ordering for delivery or customer pickup — whether dining for one or 500. Customers can order ahead on the web, or instantly from our mobile apps. Caviar is part of Square’s full suite of tools for businesses, enabling restaurants across the country to reach more customers, grow sales, and expand reach.

Job Openings at Caviar

Top Engineering Values

Each team is asked to select, explain, and rank their top 8 values in order of importance.
  • Customer Comes First

    We succeed as a business by giving our customers the best experience.

    This can only be achieved if we really know who they are, understand the problems they face, and are constantly striving to deliver value for them. When it comes to making product decisions we approach them with three lenses—customer, business, and vision—making sure that we really understand the intersections and trade-offs between them.

    Our customers are consumer diners, corporate diners, restaurants, and couriers. For our couriers, we build tools to ensure that deliveries go to plan. For our restaurants, we partner closely to help them grow. For our diners, we help them find and order the food they’re craving.

    We partner with all of our restaurants directly to ensure that the quality of experience at the restaurant is preserved and enhanced when you order through Caviar. We also strive to be a reliable partner to those restaurants, helping them reach new customers and grow their businesses. By focusing on building a sustainable business, we ensure that Caviar will be there for all of its customers and partners generations from now.

  • Bonded by Love for Product

    Every two weeks, we host a team from Square for lunch at our “Caviar Noms” event.

    Caviar Noms is how we get to experience our corporate products first-hand while also getting feedback from other teams. We regularly test our products as a team, and we not only get to try new delicious food, but we also get to meet new people and eat together.

    We’re all driven by empowering our customers to do more through our tools, which is why everyone on the team visits Caviar restaurants in person and can do courier runs when they first onboard.

    While we love our product and are passionate about what we do, we don't expect candidates to be familiar with Caviar. Of course, it’s a plus if you are! Chances are, if you love food, you’ll love what we do.

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership

    Caviar operates like a startup inside a larger company—Square.

    This means people can have an outsized impact on the product, sometimes entirely owning new features. A perfect example of this: one of the engineers on the team, Nick, led the release of “Cash Instant Payouts to Couriers” with the support of other engineers—leading to the work being featured on The Verge!

    Larger projects at Caviar are generally owned from design through execution with checkpoints for support and feedback. Engineers are organized into full-stack teams focused on different audiences (e.g. diners, restaurants, couriers), with each team having dedicated product managers and designers.

    Of course, ownership isn’t limited to the code you write. Regardless of your role, you’ll still have a lot of ownership of various projects and roadmaps, and will have opportunities to be responsible for seeing initiatives through from beginning to end. We enthusiastically support both individual contributor and manager tracks at Caviar.

  • Wears Many Hats

    We believe great ideas and great work can come from anywhere.

    It’s not uncommon for backend engineers to roll up their sleeves and make frontend updates to surface new features (and vice-versa). Engineers at Caviar are encouraged to reach out and fill in where needed. For example, if your team is working on a new project and has decided a new service is necessary, you might pause feature work and spend a few days (or weeks) creating and configuring new cloud resources. Or perhaps a vulnerability has been discovered within a feature, and since the original author is on vacation, you are tasked with closing the vulnerability.

    There are no site reliability engineers at Caviar, so engineers are responsible for building new products and keeping them up and running as the business grows. What if the PM on your team is preoccupied? No worries. You can step in and represent the engineers on your team to provide updates to the business on the status of your team’s projects in development.

    And it’s not just engineering boundaries that are traversable. We hold quarterly Hack Weeks to prototype the fun ideas, the terribly-obvious features, and the moonshots. At the end of each Hack Week, we hold a science fair-style demo day to showcase our work! Winners of previous Hack Weeks have gone on and turned those ideas into live features that are still in the product today.

  • Continuous Feedback

    When you join Caviar, your manager will ask you how you like to receive praise and feedback.

    We believe in continuous self-improvement at Caviar and want to ensure everyone has a means to receive recognition and feedback. While most people appreciate being recognized for their hard work and want to receive feedback on how they can improve, we understand that it’s not one-size-fits-all. One application of this is “Caviar Credit Kudos”—a quarterly stipend of Caviar credit to gift to peers in recognition of their good work. Knowing people’s preferences from the beginning means we can do public shout-outs for those that want it and conduct more discrete recognition (like in manager 1:1s) for others.

    We also encourage direct feedback between individuals. We do our best to open up lines of communication between team members and not create back-channels.

    There are also more structured opportunities to give and receive feedback. Everyone has a weekly 1:1 with their manager where they can ask for specific feedback. Additionally, we have a twice-a-year, company-wide feedback cycle that ensures every Caviar employee has an opportunity to receive structured feedback from their peers and lead.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    We approach flexible working arrangements as a feature, not a bug.

    We value team diversity and support a culture that is inclusive to all. Some of our team members have families and drop their kids off at school in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon. Others like to schedule their work hours around fitness classes and going to the gym. While we support and accommodate a variety of schedules, we also try to ensure we have at least 2-3 core hours each day where everyone’s schedules overlap. Core hours are typically between 10am—3pm PST.

    There is a general preference towards people working out of our San Francisco office to enable face-to-face collaboration, but we also understand the challenges of commuting and balancing unpredictable schedules. As a result, some people work from home up to twice a week. Caviar is also an increasingly distributed and remote-friendly team. We have engineers based in Portland, Denver, and NYC, and we fly them out to SF once each quarter. Ultimately, we do our best work when we do it together, and to do that we need to be flexible.

  • Actively Practices Inclusion

    Inclusion is not only important to us at Caviar, but also to Square.

    We believe inclusion is critical to building a successful company, where everyone feels valued and able to succeed. And inclusion begins with our hiring practices. We are thoughtful to source from a diversity of candidate pools and use hiring rubrics for structured interviews that minimize bias.

    To us, diversity is about much more than race/ethnicity, gender, and age. While we, as a company, have to report these demographics under federal law, we believe that government-mandated forms oversimplify the broad range of identities that we’re trying to create more space for every day. This is why we run a voluntary and anonymous Inclusion Survey at Square every year. It allows people to be measured as they self-identify, and gives us a way to measure whether we’re truly building an inclusive workplace where people from all backgrounds can thrive.

    When you join Caviar, you’ll have access to interrupting bias training and have the opportunity to engage with our Square Communities such as Asian Pacific Islander-Squares, Black Squares Association, WomEng, and Veterans at Square, just to name a few. These employee-founded, employee-run resource groups promote inclusivity at Square through professional development opportunities, guest speakers, social events, office installations, and more.

  • Internal Mobility

    We have an Internal Mobility team dedicated to facilitating transitions within Square.

    Caviar is growing, and so is our parent company, Square! This growth presents endless opportunities for increasing responsibility and professional growth, and fuels a steady stream of new roles, responsibilities, and teams. It's common for Square engineers and managers to hold several roles on different teams during their tenure at the company. Managers and engineers work together to map out learning and growth goals, then identify projects and teams that contribute to those goals. When someone's career path is best served by transferring teams, their manager is there to help make it happen.

    Our Internal Mobility team also has a wiki to help facilitate internal transitions. Here’s an excerpt: "We operate with a growth mindset, meaning we love seeing you excel in your current role, and also support movement to a new role. Our goal is to ensure that the transition between the two is as smooth, transparent, and quick as possible. […] Your career is in your own hands at Square. We have a large amount of resources available to you to explore internal opportunities, along with programs available to help you grow in your current role."


  • Customer Comes First
  • Bonded by Love for Product
  • Start-to-Finish Ownership
  • Wears Many Hats
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Actively Practices Inclusion
  • Internal Mobility

Company Properties

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Technical Founder(s)

Team Members

  • 38 Engineers
  • 4 Product Designers
  • 4 Product Managers

Vacation Policy

At Caviar, we want to make sure that everyone is an owner not only of their work, but also of their time off. That means taking the time they need to refresh, enjoy the people and places they love, and avoid burnout; while also making sure their work and team are covered. We take a personal-judgment-based approach to our vacation policy, which means that PTO is not accrued and that we trust that people will find the appropriate balance between personal commitments and commitments to the team.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (React, Redux), iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Kotlin, Java), Ember

Interview Process

You’ll have 1-2 technical screens followed by an onsite interview that is comprised of three parts: 3 pairings, a discussion about your past work experience, and architecture/design questions.